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Let Go Already

The crowd gives Ronnie a standing ovation and she calls Jimmy and Kyle out on stage, where they take a sheepish, delighted bow. Jimmy turns around and looks at Karen, rose petals showering down on him.

Tom's place. Peter points out that it's almost midnight, but Julia doesn't want to stop working. He says they should go to his house in the Berkshires and finish the show. Julia's a little stunned and saved from having to answer by a call from Eileen.

Julia races into Eileen's office, where Derek and Tom, still in his performance tux, are waiting. Eileen says, "Bombshell's free. You're going to Broadway." Uh-oh. Julia and Tom start hugging and cheering, but then Tom asks, "You're?" The feds' condition was that Eileen step down as producer, but Jerry was willing to step in. She's not happy about it, but she says he loves the show and he can take them to Broadway, even though he's the world's worst human being. If this means Anjelica Huston is leaving the show, I will cry forever.

In his office, Jerry is on the phone with someone, gloating expositionally about how Bombshell's going to be a hit with him as producer, and everyone in town will known Eileen couldn't do it on her own. He really is the world's worst human being. He's writing a check and says he's putting the rest of what he owes in the mail... to Ellis. ELLIS! ROT IN HELL, YOU BASTARD.

Next week: Liaisons! starts, with Sean Hayes playing opposite Ivy. Jerry has a second script of Bombshell, which Peter denies writing, but which sends Julia around the bend.

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