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Maybe This Time?

Previously on Smash: Karen and Jimmy are banging, but he doesn't want anyone to find out. Derek helped Jimmy pay off his drug dealer, Ana might be stealing Karen's thunder because Richard Francis loved her song at the benefit, and Scott wants Julia to help turn Hit List into a recognizable story, since Kyle is useless. And Ivy is back as Marilyn in Bombshell, but her famous mom is also in the show, which made Ivy break up with Tom.

Bombshell has started TECH!!!! at the theater. Tom is giving Ivy direction through a microphone, but she's standing sulkily at center stage, her arms crossed, asking why they haven't moved on from "Public Relations." They argue over her blocking while Julia looks around uneasily and the dancers titter among themselves. Tom tells Ivy just to do what he told her, and stage manager Linda rolls her eyes and instructs everyone to start the number from the top.

Tom asks Julia what he's doing wrong, and she reminds him about Ivy's Momadette problem. Tom can't believe this would end their years-long friendship, and also that Ivy has turned the whole cast against him. He complains about how Sam won't even look at him, but Julia smartly points out that was Tom's fault. He whines some more about how this was supposed to be fun, and I don't remember anyone ever promising that work would be fun. When, exactly, did that happen?

So Julia counters Tom's whining with news of her own: Dull Leo, last seen screwing up perfectly good Derek Cianfrance movies, is visiting colleges without her. Oh my god, who cares. She moans about her broken family and says at least she's helping Tom, but since no one needs the writer's help during tech, she rambles off to leave more exclamation point-ridden paeans on Dull Leo's Facebook wall and then stalk Scott.

Up in the balcony, Eileen tries to wrangle more coverage out of Richard, because apparently Michael Riedel is being catty again, having heard of the Momadette drama. Seems to me the prospect of an on-stage catfight would actually sell tickets, but what do I know. Richard wants to focus on things other than business, like these etchings he has back at his place, and Eileen suggests dinner.

Jimmy and Karen make out in the costume closet which she interrupts to ask why they're hiding and sneaking around. As if there is ever a good reason to stop kissing Jeremy Jordan. He points out that they work together, so it's better to be discreet. Derek hollers for Karen from outside and she almost answers him, like a moron, but Jimmy covers her mouth and keeps kissing her. And it's so hot I can almost forget Dead Eyes is involved.

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