The Surprise Party

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Maybe This Time?

In the theater, Jimmy hands Derek some cash, surprising him, and says he'll pay back some more after he gets his next paycheck. He thanks Derek for his help, and it seems like they're actually becoming friends? Maybe? Although that would seem unlikely now that Derek knows (or at least suspects) he's sleeping with Karen.

Kyle scampers up and asks if he just saw Richard Francis in the lobby. Derek assures him he did, and reminds him he was supposed to make the Diva's role bigger, because Richard likes her. Jimmy says there's a song for her in the second act now, which Derek is eager to hear.

Ivy and Sam skulk around backstage, venting about how much they hate Tom and how much Ivy wants to get laid. Her opportunity will be at her birthday party tonight, and Sam suggests she go for the actor playing JFK. A deliveryman comes in with flowers for Ivy, and Tom remarks that it's weird, her getting flowers when the show hasn't opened yet. Linda dryly reminds him it's Ivy's birthday. He flagellates himself a thousand times about how he forgot it, then asks Linda and Eileen if they're doing anything for Ivy, because he doesn't know about the party. He has an epiphany, and says this is his opportunity to remind Ivy how much he loves her: he tells Siri to call Liza. LIIIIIIZAAA!!

Downtown, Jimmy and Karen's characters are watching a video of the Diva performing, on his laptop, while he asks if this is really what she wants to be, a fake. Karen protests that she's not fake, and it's actually possible that her acting in the musical is even worse than her acting on the show. Good god. The scene segues into a number called "Original," which seems like Taylor Swift might have something to talk to her lawyers about. Although Karen is marginally less flat than old Tay-Tay. In the audience, Richard looks intrigued.

Richard tells Derek as much as Derek walks him out, and makes some noises about how Karen's his muse. He asks him off the record if he and Karen are dating, and Derek says they're not, but Richard doesn't seem quite convinced. He says he'll be back in a week to see the whole show.

Julia and Scott discuss Hit List; she says the Diva isn't a character yet, she's just a trigger for Amanda's (Karen's) transformation. He wants to know how she'd fix it, and Derek knocks and comes in. He's actually pleased to see her, and between this and being nice to Jimmy and the Karen stuff, I cannot figure out what is wrong with him this episode. Did someone spike Derek's coffee with Ecstasy? Wait, that would mean he didn't get the coffee himself.

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