The Surprise Party

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Maybe This Time?

He mentions that Kyle and Jimmy have ideas for new Diva songs but they need help with structure. Julia laughs and says they're not serious about her being a dramaturg, are they? Um...isn't that exactly what Scott asked her like four days ago? Have the writers caught the Glee brain disease where they can't remember what plot they wrote last week? Maybe they should consult this helpful website I know of. Or they could just watch their own damn show.

Ana asks Karen why Jimmy wants to keep their relationship a secret, and there's never a good answer to that question, you know? Ana speculates that Jimmy is hiding a secret wife and kids, but Karen just makes reference to his enormous penis and brushes off her concerns. Ana argues that they're both adults, so surely they can be professionals who date, right? Karen gets a text from Jimmy calling her back to the wardrobe room. Her pants are not invited.

Tom finally wishes Ivy a happy birthday and hugs her while she grimaces over his shoulder. He asks her plans, and she says the long tech hours mean she's just planning to go home and crash. He says no, they're having dinner together, and he has a surprise for her, and that's the end of it. Ivy agrees reluctantly, then rushes over to Sam to say she's going to miss her own party. He and Bobby tell her they'll just start the party later and she can have her pick of hot guys. Ivy very seriously reminds Bobby to remember that there should be hot straight guys.

Eileen calls Daphne Rubin-Vega to talk about what a weasel Michael Riedel is, and Daphne asks if there's any good news they can sell to the press. Eileen just mentions that Tom is having Liza come to dinner for Ivy's birthday, which delights Daphne, who says Eileen will have to go too--and Eileen then suggests it would be a good idea to have Michael Riedel there.

Kyle looks like he's going to throw up when Scott calls him in to tell him about Julia's participation in the show. She asks how he and Jimmy like to work, and it turns out Kyle and Jimmy actually have no method. Pretty sure we could've guessed that.

Jimmy's preferred method, of course, is making out with Karen behind the racks of costumes. "I've been thinking," she says (HA!) and he replies, "Oh, you shouldn't do that." Dude, bad form. We, the viewers, can call Karen an empty-headed, dead-eyed robot from Planet Shinyhair, but it would probably be better for the show if her fellow characters didn't recognize that she's basically made of Carr's water crackers and hair spray. Anyway, she wants to talk about how they shouldn't be making out in secret anymore, and asks if he's ashamed of her, or married, or whatever. She wants to go out and, like, announce to the company that they're together, which seems like it would be incredibly awkward for everyone, and which he says he doesn't want to do. So she leaves and says she's not coming back till he's ready to be public.

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