The Surprise Party

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Maybe This Time?

Ivy and Sam eat cake--on the night that will never end--and reminisce about the last year. She's feeling a little melancholy, as is he, and the best solution is to pour whiskey on it. Good man, Sam. He offers to walk her home, but she sends him off and goes back to her cake.

Richard shows up at Eileen's office and she refuses to make any excuses for being a workaholic. He apologizes, explaining that his ex-wife (or late wife, he doesn't specify) didn't have a job, so he got used to being the only one in the relationship with a career. Eileen confesses that in addition to work, she's also distracted by the end of her relationship with Nick. Richard's happy to go slow.

Montage time: Derek puts down his work in his office at the theater. Karen stares out the window while Ana brings her tea. Julia and Scott walk and laugh and hold hands. Tom arrives home, and I still cannot stand how fantastic his apartment is. Ivy sits alone at the bar.

Jimmy shows up at Karen's place to apologize for listening to Derek and offers to take her out on an actual date, in public, like a person. He gives her his jacket rather than let her go inside for her coat and have time to change her mind, and they go off together, because no one can say no to that smile. And then Karen finds his drugs from last week in the pocket, but she doesn't say anything.

Derek shows up at the bar and hands Ivy a card. "You didn't think I was going to forget your birthday, did you?" he asks. Ivy's glad he didn't. YAY. I like them together very much. Let's do that again.

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