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Previously on Smash: Ivy is Marilyn and really wants that Tony award. Kyle is dead. Derek has woman problems. And Jerry is backing Hit List's transfer to Broadway.

Well, that was quick. Hit List will start previews April 9, the marquee says, as its eager downtown fans swarm the theater. Jimmy is even pretending not to be a colossal asshole, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Inside, Karen sings, Jimmy plays, there's some sort of glass-sided fireplace on stage? It's kind of insane. And Sam has slotted in as a member of the ensemble, as has Daisy, one of the dancers who accused Derek of sexual harassment last year and then banged him a few weeks ago.

When Karen's number ends, Ana is late for her entrance. Backstage, Daisy consoles her and innocently remarks on how nervous she'd be if she had to cover for Ana, who can tell when someone wants to throw her down a flight of stairs and steal her role. Karen tells Jimmy she thinks the show is going well, but he's not thrilled with it. Because suddenly he's a professional and committed to excellence at all times? Sure, whatever.

In the Flatiron rehearsal studio, Tom and Eileen listen to a brunette with an absolutely enormous mouth belt a number for a Houston-Levitt concert that Eileen is throwing to woo Tony voters. Julia's at Hit List, which concerns Eileen, because she doesn't want the town talking about the disintegrating Houston-Levitt partnership. He assures her that they'll both be there for the concert.

In Times Square, Karen runs into Ivy, who congratulates her on the transfer. She asks Karen to promise they'll both act like adults amid the craziness of Tony season, and I wonder if the Joe DiMaggio Kickline dropped Ivy on her head at some point, because asking Karen Cartwright not to act like a petulant, pouting child for an extended period of time and thinking she'll actually do it is not the move of a rational mind.

At Table 46, The Only Restaurant in New York, Jimmy tells Derek and Julia that he's not happy with Hit List, even though the ticket sales are incredible. He wants to win the Tony for Kyle and is concerned about the energy of the show. They think maybe the problem is Ana, who isn't adjusting to the bigger theater well, and then Derek suggests the problem might be the book. You know, the thing that was always the problem, because Kyle wasn't actually very good at this. Jimmy rules out touching any of Kyle's work. Tom and Eileen arrive and pull Julia away after Tom and Derek do a truly adorable fist bump. It's like 2008 Michelle and Barack level cute.

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