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The One Where Bernadette Peters Shows Up
Previously: Ivy got sick and hooked on a fairly innocuous drug, Eileen discovered bars on the Lower East Side, Karen learned what a Bar Mitzvah was and it seemed like Michael maybe pushed a miserable Julia into having sex .

Well, it seems as though Michael didn't really push Julia to have sex with him, and that the pained look on Julia's face during their encounter last week was maybe just constipation, because Michael and Julia are all happily smitten and holding hands on the street. This is even more grossly disturbing to me than that appalling outfit she wore to have sex with him last week, and that was just offensive to my eyes. Derek, who is honestly largely oblivious to everything, sees this and thinks she's just giving him notes. Lots of sexual innuendo filled comments about notes ensue, and they are all completely lost on Derek.

It's hot in the rehearsal space and snoopy Ellis informs whoever will listen that he overheard the building manager talking about a problem with the boiler. Eileen makes fixing this her personal mission. Riveting stuff, here. Opening a window, or buying a fan or some of those portable window air conditioners isn't an option, I guess.

Karen set up a meeting with Mr. Raskin, and it requires her to wander aimlessly lost through Times Square before arriving late. She should really have a better sense of New York by now. There's a guy sleeping on the couch, who may or may not be Mr. Raskin. His grunt seems to indicate that he's not, but I've seen enough stupid sitcoms to know that this is often just a ruse and that person was just disguising themselves as a lowly person in order to better judge the person they are meeting.

She starts singing that Colbie Caillat song "Brighter Than the Sun" and nearly blows out the possible Mr. Raskin/the sound engineer's ears with her overpowering voice. He explains to her how a microphone works, and I start wondering when this man -- who is alone in a music studio -- is going to tell her take her clothes off, especially since her shirt is sort of see-through. Apparently, this isn't that kind of show because she sings her not so special version of this song where she flails her arms around in a stupid way over her head, and Mr. Raskin/the sound engineer is mesmerized and says that he's in love. That is all.

Back at the studio, Julia and Michael sneak off to an empty room to make out. I've got so many questions: Is Marilyn the Musical renting the whole floor? If so, where did they get that kind of money? Is this someone else's room? If so, why aren't these doors more properly secured? Can't Michael and Julia afford a hotel where there is air conditioning?

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