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The One Where Bernadette Peters Shows Up

Back at the workshop space, Karen tells her backup dancer pals that Bobby Raskin wanted to meet with her personally, and the only time possible for the next month was conveniently during this workshop... and she turned him down. Ivy catches wind of their conversation and stares jealously. The chorus people tell her she's an idiot, but she is committed.

Eileen, Nick, Ellis and the illegal plumber all break into the boiler room. This is stupid, except that it involves Eileen taking a monkey wrench to a lock in a magnificent sort of way. I love her violent tendencies.

Julia shows up and of course has to tell Michael five minutes before he's supposed to perform that her 40-year-old son knows about their hookup. Naturally, oblivious Derek needs Michael to run through some of the Marilyn/Joe breakup dialogue and since Ivy is trapped in an elevator somewhere (yes, really, that's the stupid plot device this show went with), Julia has to step in and read her part. Michael goes a little off script, and changes the lines to reflect his own relationship with Julia and the two of them have a lover's spat right in front of Eileen and Derek. Derek, moron that he is, loves all of the new changes.

After Michael and Julia leave, Derek talks to Eileen about cursed projects that he's worked on... something about snow storms and SARS... I stopped paying attention. Eileen gives him a pep talk, until they are interrupted by the building manager (who works on a Sunday?) who is hella pissed off that she broke into the boiler room to fix something that is really his problem. She throws out some big names of other renters, and he skulks off with his tail between his legs.

The audience of potential investors starts arriving, and Bobby tells Karen that one of the guys is a CAA rep for some big names who might be in line for the Marilyn role. Ivy, who is just behind a curtain, hears this whole thing and looks panicked. Straight Sam (who is clearly crushing on Tom) has to go tell Tom that Ivy is freaked, but Tom is waylaid by his sorta-boyfriend John who gives him a good luck kiss.

Tom makes his way back to Ivy and makes this all about him by saying that he doesn't like that Straight Sam is so straight. Ivy has to set the record straight about Sam being straight (or, rather, not). "Who knew your gaydar was so stupid?" Best thing she's said in weeks. Finally, he tells her that she's amazing and has ice water in her veins, which isn't something I think of when I think of Marilyn, but I guess it does the trick.

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