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Waiting in the Wings

The next day, Ivy is across the street when Tom, Sam, and some others come out of the building where the rehearsal space lives. She's wearing a smashing purple coat and brooding, like a gorgeous, depressed eggplant. Ivy begins singing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" in voiceover as she mournfully walks north on Broadway. It's intercut with her performing on the imaginary Smash stage, as well as with her getting dressed up as Marilyn at home -- red bandage dress, curls, drawn-on beauty mark. And then she saunters into the rehearsal room, where everyone is applauding, and -- oh, this is a steroid hallucination. Oh, Ivy. The song ends when Ivy sees Derek usher Karen in the front door. Man, Sam is right. She is going to go all Jeff Gillooly on that hayseed.

Inside, Eileen explains that the delay in Rebecca's arrival is because her Cuban assistant needs a visa, and Rebecca won't leave her behind. Julia brings up the totally relevant facts that Rebecca has never done live theater (neither has Uma Thurman! I wonder if she has something in the works) and therefore needs all the rehearsal time she can get, which is really the first sensible thing Julia has said in weeks, and her outfit, which surprisingly doesn't look like a cry for help from the depths of the Swamp of Sadness, signals that maybe dreary Julia has turned a corner? Is it too much to hope?

At rehearsal, Karen is playing a scene with the actor playing Arthur Miller in which Arthur talks to Marilyn about accepting the best role she'd ever play, in Some Like It Hot (thanks, Arthur!). Derek interrupts and hollers at Karen for not knowing all the blocking. Karen appears to be wearing a shirt made of macramé. The dancers begin laying bets on how soon Karen will cry or get canned.

Tom and Julia excuse themselves to do an incredibly ill-timed interview with an eleven-year-old from NYU who opens by quoting Wikipedia. Well done, kiddo. He asks Tom to describe their anniversary ritual, in which Tom and Julia go to a performance of Three on a Match (which must be their first show? I need an actual Houston & Levitt Wikipedia page). The fetal writer asks if Julia's husband is jealous about sharing her with Tom. Oh, child. Julia has this look in her eyes like she's about to go all Hulk, but she cuts the interview off rather than beat the boy to death with one of her Coldwater Creek pendants.

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