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Waiting in the Wings

Ivy applies a frozen-veggie ice pack to Derek's head as he whines, "He's lucky I held back." He explains how he came to get slugged by Karen's boyfriend, and Ivy wants to know why Derek didn't just call. Karen is having the same fight with Dev, who's getting all macho and overbearing and demanding to know where he ranks in her life. When Karen says, "What do I have to do, quit?" he asks if she actually would, and come with him somewhere other than New York. "Marilyn is all I came to the city to do!" Karen proclaims, which... no? It's not? "What if I asked you to give up everything you wanted," she asks, and Dev says, "For you? Go ahead. Ask me." Look, Dev is wonderful, but these two are so ill matched. He needs to run off with RJ and work for Josh Lyman.

Eileen, with her investors, is toasting the resolution of Rebecca's assistant's visa troubles, and when Robyn again insists on meeting with Rebecca privately, Eileen brushes her off and introduces her new sugar daddy, Randy Cobra. Who lurches over dissolutely. Ellis hands the investors contracts, which Randy then collects and sets on fire in a bucket. Oh, Nick. There goes your A rating.

Karen begins trilling a bit of a song off-screen as Julia waits at a café, Ivy waits at home, Dev leaves the apartment without kissing Karen goodbye, and Tom sulks into his cereal. Eileen and Randy shake on their deal, and she gives Nick a grateful kiss on the cheek, which he turns into Going For It with Anjelica Huston! Good for you, Nick. In the rehearsal room, Karen is the center of attention, singing all alone. Ivy peeks in the door.

And then, from the elevator, a curly-headed destroyer of worlds. Rebecca Duvall enters, asking, "Am I in the right place?" I have a feeling you are not, madam. Everyone applauds as Karen shrivels to nothing at center stage.

Next week: Rebecca has ideas and wants a rewrite. Rebecca possibly can't sing. Rebecca is a diva. "That is the sound of ticketholders demanding their money back," Ivy snarks.

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