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The Week That Wasn't

Cat speaks cavalierly about The Curse of Season Seven, apparently not worried at all about the fact that she's standing in the middle of Season Seven right now. What if the curse isn't satisfied with taking out dancers and moves onto the host? The curse is coming from inside the house!

Lea DeLaria did "All That Jazz"? Neat. The opening group dance has a lot of red gloves and people running their fingers along the brims of their bowler hats, so this is definitely choreographed by somebody with a serious Fosse-On. I'm going to guess Tyce. It's certainly someone who's not afraid to throw in jazz hands. No! It's Kelley Abbey, who I do not recognize.

Cat reminds us that Billy was hurt last night (although the doctors said he could dance), and he gives two thumbs up in the audience to show that he's in a good mood. Kenny Ortega is with the judges again tonight. Cat introduces a video package about Denise Jefferson, director of the Ailey school. Nigel says that everyone in the dance world knew her and called her "Miss J". I wonder how she felt about that guy on America's Next Top Model stealing her nickname. Anyway, she passed away this week and people who knew her are very sad.

So, coming out of a death dedication, we introduce the happy puppies that are the remaining dancers. Except for Billy, who isn't allowed on stage at the moment. Lauren's backstage moment shows her jumping on Twitch and shouting "Giddyup, horsey!" With Robert, they just shout "beach party!" I immediately regret my decision to recap the backstage antics. Lauren is safe, and she seems pretty pleased about it. The boys clap for her.

Kent suffered from a lack of proper audio, in my opinion. That stepping routine was probably a lot better in person. He's safe anyway, so who cares. That leaves AdéChiké, Robert, and Jose, of which two will join Billy in the bottom two.

But before we find out which two, we have some professional dancers. From the American Ballet Theatre, performing the Grand Pas de Deux from Act III of Don Quixote, it's .... two people whose names I'm not sure I can spell correctly. They come out, and it's proper ballet. Which means that I don't have much to say about it. Although it's weird to have people shrieking "Whooo!" in the middle of it. I don't think that happens at real ballet. It's very pretty, but I find it kind of boring. Sorry. Normally they have big, crazy scenery to look at.

Okay, back to our show, where the random audience shouts seem to fit in much better. AdéChiké had that paso doble with Jose (we'll be mentioning that again in a minute) and the Suitcase hip hop with Comfort. The judges liked the hip hop a lot more than I did, as I remember. Robert danced with Lauren the All-Star and Lauren the One From This Season. Jose danced on the edge of the stage with Allison and did that paso doble from earlier in the paragraph. In one of the backstage segments, I notice that whoever makes the signs for each segment has numbered them in a graffiti font, which I like. So who's safe? We'll find out after a commercial, which I don't think anyone enjoys. Knock it off.

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