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The Week That Wasn't

Okay, it's elimination time. Robert, Jose, and Billy await the judges' decision. And Nigel says they haven't made up their minds, although they have come to a conclusion. Thanks for that, Nigel. He tells Robert that some judges don't think he's growing. He tells Jose he's stopped growing. Billy gets a different critique, which is a nice change. Nigel talks about Billy's decision to take a week off, which he sounds a little conflicted about. I'm not conflicted: it's bullshit. If you don't want to dance, you go home. Medical reasons are one thing, but just deciding not to do it? That's not in the spirit of the competition, in my opinion.

Okay, so who's going home? No one. Ah! They found a way to make this results show even more of an anticlimax than the last two. Next week, two people will go home. The dancers look relieved. The audience sounds very disappointed, and I don't know whether they're already sad for next week when we'll lose two dancers or they're just a bloodthirsty lot who wanted to see someone get cut. Cat sounds a little confused about how this will make next week fairer. The offstage contestants (Kent, AdéChiké, and Lauren) confer and try to figure out what's going on. Cat is forced to vamp a little to fill the time that would normally a tear-filled farewell montage. She does fine, of course.

We're done! Lauren runs on stage and into Robert's arms. AdéChiké and Jose jump up and down all over the stage in delight. Kent and Billy are also very happy. After the initial pairings, everyone hugs each other. They're hyped up. The audience seems a little down, though. Cat goes over to get hugged by the judges, and I'm pretty sure Adam Shankman is congratulating her on how awesome she is at having to fill time spontaneously like that. Then she pretends to strangle Nigel. Do it!

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