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Before we continue with the action we have guests from Mary Murphy's ballroom academy. It is a pair of adorable moppets dancing to "Jailhouse Rock" while wearing tight, shiny clothes. I don't even know how to process this. I mean, it's happening on my television, but I have no frame of reference for how to comment. I guess it's nice that they're still willing to use Mary Murphy's name on the show, although I don't see her anywhere. The moppets are ten and eleven and the boy does a better job with Cat's banter than the girl does. That's all I have.

Okay, back to our competitors. Billy and AdeChiké come out. AdeChiké smiles in memory of dancing with Anya, who, I'll remind you, is considered a sex bomb by everyone who matters. Namely me and Cat. Billy also danced with Sex Bomb Anya and I'd just like to weigh in that I found the editing of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" incredibly distracting. It's not just that I know the song way too well; they kept jumping between entirely different sections. By the end, I was kind of hoping they'd work in the baseball part. Billy will be joining Ashley in the bottom three, and that's kind of a lot of bottom three appearances for a kid who everybody agrees can dance really, really well.

Mia weighs in, once her microphone gets turned on, and says that she's shocked. And she tells him not to change anything. It's like when Adam tells him he'll have a big Broadway career; the judges aren't that worried about Billy.

Now it's time for Robert and Jose. Cat asks about Jose's silly hat, and then we're onto the results. Jose had "Mr. Cellophane," which is a song I hate form a show I hate. And he had a weird dance where he didn't really interact with his partner. That was awful on a lot of levels, most of which weren't his fault. And then Dominic blew him off the stage. I wasn't crazy about Jose's night. Meanwhile, Robert had that Travis Wall dance, which wasn't just about somebody's mother we've never met. It was about Denise! That was great. And then disco, which Mia basically rejected as a valid art form. And I don't know if I disagree with her. Cat totally Seacrests us by saying that the person in the bottom three ... will be revealed after the break. And when we come back Robert is safe and Jose is in the bottom three. Cat makes Jose and Adam both stop cracking their knuckles and Adam asks how Jose feels about getting "this far" in the competition. Adam, like the other judges, loves Jose, and encourages him to compete. That felt like a tearful goodbye.

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