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More guests! From the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, doing an excerpt from "Ulysses Dove's Bad Blood," yet. The dancers are amazing. Possibly too amazing for the good of the show, frankly; I always find it distracting when professional dancers come on and show how far the contestants have to go. But I also find it distracting when the music ("Gravity's Angel" by Laurie Anderson") mentions a ham sandwich. I do like that the show is willing to use screen time to highlight dancers.

Oh, it's time for more dancing. It's Twitch and Comfort! Good, because I like them both and there hasn't been much of them. They are reviving their Dave Scott routine to Chris Brown's "Forever", and I guess I should mention that the song starts with a "1 2 3 4!" and Twitch does that "4 Real" hand signal. There isn't a hand signal for this season, is there? Twitch does an upside-down worm that looks really hard. That was fun.

Billy does his solo. It's very good. The kid can solo, there's no question about it. Then it's Jose, to a song I've never heard of. He wisely busts out trick after trick. Yeah, you have to hit the stage hard when you have so little time. Cat sends the judges backstage to decide, although the fact that we haven't seen Ashley in the house yet is a bit of a giveaway.

Singer time. Cat says that Christina Perry was a waitress two weeks ago when Stacy Tookey used her song for a dance on the show. And 100,000 record sales later, she's here on the show, playing piano and singing. The song is called "Jar of Hearts", and there's actual choreographed dancing going on. It's still not my cup of tea. It's pretty cool for Ms. Perry, though. I wasn't listening to the lyrics, so I don't know if "Jar of Hearts" is supposed to be a card (like the Jack of Hearts) or a glass jar full of hearts. If they're human hearts, you'd need a pretty big jar to get more than two or three in there.

It's decision time. Nigel has Jose step forward and lectures him about showing anger and energy. He's in favor of that sort of thing. Billy gets no criticism at all, since they all think he's great. Although Nigel wants Billy to carry on down the road he's on. Then it's Ashley's turn. She needs 3-5 weeks of rest, so obviously she's going home. She sad, Nigel's sad, Billy's sad, and everyone's sad. Lauren is especially sad. But Ashley's going to be on the tour, which is nice.

Ashley bids us a tearful goodbye and actually apologizes, which Cat tells her not to do. Then all the dancers come out for a group hug. The end!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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