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An All-Night Dance Adventure

It's time for some eliminations. First up: the ladies! The five of them arrive hand-in-hand, looking like they're in the video for "Love is a Battlefield." I hope they do that shimmy thing. (Kids, ask your parents)

First up: Ellenore. She better be safe, America. And she is. Good! Next, Mollee. She looks nervous, and when she's told she's safe, she looks really surprised. So we're down to the three brunettes. Cat skips Ashleigh to go to Noelle, who is in the bottom two. Now Ashleigh and Kathryn get their rundowns of the night before. At the end, Cat tells them that "As you've probably worked out, one of you is safe and one of you is in the bottom two." Yes, Cat, they can count to two. They're dancers; they can probably count to four if necessary. The other dancer in the bottom two is Kathryn. So it's Kathryn and Noelle who will be dancing solos before one of them goes home.

It's possible that Cat's mouth is in the right place, but her nose has become off-center.

Now, the guys. Ryan? Is in the bottom two, right off the bat. Russell's next, which causes a certain amount of "EEEEEEE!" in the audience. He's safe, but not until Cat makes him look at her. Jakob is also safe, leaving us with Legacy and Nathan. Legacy is safe, leaving us with Ryan and Nathan.

And now it's time for the show to be interrupted by professional dancers. The director of Step Up 2 The Streets and Step Up 3-D (and a few other people too) present "the stars of an all-night dance adventure" called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. It's some kind of show coming in 2010, apparently. It starts with a guy in a suit doing the robot, then other guys in suits enter the spot light and hop around in a pleasingly interesting way. Some of them are in gray vests, which makes them look like they're in school uniforms, if that's what you're into. There is synchronized flipping, and it all has kind of a ballet feel although hip-hop moves are abounding. It's neat.

Now it's time for some solos, which will be the same ones as last night. Which is interesting, because you can compare them. If you want. I'm not going to, though. And Noelle's dance feels a little disjointed, but I can't really complain about her seeming a little distracted. Ryan's solo is as silly as it was last night. Who thought The Scorpions was the right band for this situation. It's very Ryan, though.

Urgent announcement! I have just learned that there was a revival of West Side Story this year, and they didn't look anything like the dancer's in Tyce's number at the beginning of this show, in contradiction to my claim that "This is what West Side Story would look like if it were made today". Sorry about that.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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