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The Cruelest Cut of All

The last two couples are Mollee & Nathan and Kathryn & Legacy. Mollee appears to be wearing leather pants. Cat shouts "Let's see how it went" in an extremely strange growl. I think people just want to talk baby talk to Mollee. The judges liked their number, but I didn't. Legacy and Kathryn were more popular in my household, and the judges seem to have liked them as well. The team in the bottom three is alleged "dream team" Mollee and Nathan. Nigel thinks it might be a backlash from the previous week's vote. He's also confident we'll have good solos tonight, because "I know these two's solos are going to be absolutely brilliant." If you say so, Nigel.

Before we get to the solos, NDM Bollywood Dance Productions are going to show us what Bollywood is supposed to be like, led by Nakul Dev Mahajan, who has choreographed all the Bollywood on this show. They're dancing to "Desi Girl" from the Original Soundtrack of Dostana. There are shiny clothes and a lot of people making big enthusiastic gestures in sync. It's fun and entertaining and I decide I should really watch more Bollywood. Right now, all I've seen is the Bollywood version of Fight Club (not a joke). Before we go to commercial, we see the six dancers who are in danger. They're backstage stretching, which strikes me as a very real moment.

It's solo time! Karen dances to "Break on Through," by the Doors. She has donned leather pants and boots and waves her hair around a lot. It doesn't do much for me. Kevin dances to "Freeze" by T-Pain (featuring Chris Brown). He dances pretty well, I guess. Channing goes with "The Face" by RyanDan, which looks like a typo. She does a lot of pointing and kicking. Victor dances to "Baby's Romance" by Chris Garneau. He includes an awesome pirouette. I think. It might just be a "turn". It looked cool, whatever it was.

Mollee comes out to dance to "Let Me Think About It (Radio Edit)" by Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand. Wait, "vs."? Is she dancing to a mash-up? She does some running around and flipping and balancing. I'm not all that into it, frankly. Finally, Nathan goes to "So Insane" by Discovery. He spends almost all of his time spinning around in one spot. Cat makes Nigel quickly comment on the solos as a whole. He's much happier about them this week and specifically praises Mollee's "aerial cartwheel onto the knee", which he's never seen before. Cat sends the judges backstage to deliberate.

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