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To provide the deliberation music, we've got Orianthi! She's the cool guitar player from This Is It, which means she would have been in the big Michael Jackson tour... if he hadn't died. The song sounds kind of like it's from the Josie and the Pussycats movie, which means I like it. She sings and shows off some stunt guitar. I dig Orianthi, although this performance doesn't really have anything to do with dancing. That's probably what I like about it; everyone on stage is playing a musical instrument and is important to the song. So my verdict is: fun, but a weird choice for this show. Also, Orianthi can play the hell out of the guitar.

The judges are back, and it's time for the girls. Nigel says that they're unanimous on both decisions. The decisions are based on "everything you have done on this competition and what we know about you," and the "Dance for your life" segment is for people to try to change their minds. Then he lavishes Mollee with praise and tells her to sit down. Like there was a chance he was going to send his precious Mollee home. He talks for awhile about how Karen is a star and sends Channing home. Channing's time on the show is reviewed in slow motion to sad music. She claims that now she's both a better person and a better dancer. And also that she loves everyone. Some people in the front row might be crying.

Guys' turn. We start, as we did with the girls, with Nigel lavishing praise on Nathan and telling him to sit down. I don't have anything against Mollee and Nathan, but I don't see what's so amazing about them, either. Sorry. Nigel now moves on to Kevin and Victor. He warns Victor not to just "put pirouette after pirouette after pirouette." He adds, "This is not America's Favorite Pirouetter", which is a little unfair with Nathan having pirouetted at least as much as Victor in his solo. Then Nigel tells Kevin about the importance about growth and sends him home. So we lost Kevin and Channing. Karen is devastated. Kevin has learned a valuable lesson about things being possible. And God is in there somewhere too.

Monty liked This Is It despite not really caring about Michael Jackson. Find out why on Monty on Movies! You can email Monty at if that's your idea of a good time.

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