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Comfort dances her way down the stairs and shows off her cool hip hop moves. Better than Kourtni, but not as amazing as I think she can be. Thayne's contemporary moves are way more filled with tricks than Matt's and he's all smiley and he dances to Queen, so kind of a tough call. Glad I'm not a judge. Cat dismisses the judges to go make their decision. There are four of them... I was thinking there's a chance there could be a tie, but then I remembered that Napoleon isn't allowed to disagree with Tabitha. So they probably only get one vote.

We're treated -- and I use that word loosely -- to a performance -- and I use that word even more loosely -- by OneRepublic. Unless Timbaland wants to come out on stage and liven this up, it is the most boring performance ever. I'd much rather watch Chris Martin crooning... at least he's kind of pretty. Some bands -- and I use that term loosely too -- really are just not cut out for live concerts and are better on CD. OneRepublic is one of those "bands."

Ladies first. Nigel looks so serious. In all his time working on Idol and SYTYCD he's never "cared" for the contestants in a season as much as this season. Aw. He's a big old softie. He can't wait until he doesn't have to pick. They were not unanimous. Courtney G. is safe because she knows how to rise to the occasion. She's crying. Comfort is told to step forward. She did not get Nigel's vote. He thought her solo sucked. However, the other judges decided to vote for her and therefore she gets to stay and Kourtni with a K and her bad hair and painted on wings is sent home. More crying. She's grateful she got to be here.

Guys are up. They loved them some Gev when he was doing his thing. He's shuttled off the stage. Matt and Thayne... this one was unanimous. Matt came in at a high level but hasn't shown growth, so they are sending him home. He gets a big hug from Cat. Thayne goes off to comfort Comfort and they rejoice about staying together another week. Poor Ninja Matt. He seems like he'd be fun to hang out with. Apparently he often helps Cat down the stairs during elimination nights. Aw, what a sweetie. That's all. Until next week.

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