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Cracked mirrors are scattered around the stage and the dancers are in white. Top hats and tails. They're dancing to "One" from A Chorus Line. A red carpet rolls down the stage, and the dancers line up the mirrors, hiding behind them, and then reappearing for the Broadway routine. Oh, hey! This is the song from that Simpsons Halloween episode where their skin turns inside out! I know this one! Lots of lapel tugging and high kicks.

Cat comes out to tell us that Mia Michaels choreographed the routine. Mia is, again, sitting in with the judges, but Ellen is not there and is presumably seeking treatment for the eardrum damage suffered whilst sitting next to Mary Murphy.

Cat asks Mia what the best part of this show is, and Mia waxes annoying about the little babies coming back and she calls herself Mamma Mia. And then Cat asks Mary what "turning 100" means to her, which is obviously so Mary can make another Botox joke, and since all she says is, "Well, you know that Botox..." I'm using the term "joke" loosely. Mary also talks about seeing all the dancers who've come through the show and are now here in the audience. Nigel talks about how proud he is that the show can do routines like last night's breast-cancer routine, and he got a call from Olivia Newton-John who is a breast-cancer survivor and she told him that routine did more than words ever could (yeah, words like facts and resources and ways to help, those would have just gotten in the way. Better to just remind everyone that breast cancer exists, dance a lovely routine, and have a good cry), and he talks about shedding some light on the issue, again. And once all the back-patting for doing the absolute minimum is done, Cat introduces a montage of favorite moments from previous seasons.

Nigel tells someone to bring it, and we watch an inspiring montage of a dozens of dancers, none of whom gets more screen time than Sex, for some goddamn reason. Then there's a montage of people tired and in pain, and people crying, and then couples routines, group dances, Nigel and Mary dancing, Cat with glasses and false teeth. Dozens of clips at dizzying speed. Too many to list, and I can't remember the names of half of the former dancers. Well, there's Twitch. And that one girl! I loved her in that dance I saw her in.

After the commercial break, Cat recaps last night's show, starting with Evan and Jeanine, then Janette and Brandon, Kayla and Jason, and Melissa and Ade, who may have danced a routine that you heard about last night.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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