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The women are on stage to start. Melissa's safe, because anyone who voted for anyone else was given a recorded message that said, "Are you sure you don't want to vote for Melissa? You don't like breast cancer, do you?" Kayla, however, is in the bottom two, despite shedding some light on being converted to a shambling undead monster. Janette's in the bottom two, and there's a moment where she and Jeanine are confused about whether they should look sad or happy, because I think even they get themselves mixed up.

So Hok and Jamie are back to dance the Wade Robson hummingbird routine, with Hok the twitchy hummingbird and Jamie the blooming flower. Are dancers like musicians? At performances, do fans shout out requests? "Hummingbird and flower! Do it!" Do they trade bootleg videos of performances? The dance? Oh, yeah... Hok impregnates Jamie, I think. It's well-danced, bordering on precious, but certainly original.

Back from the commercial break, some dingbats in the audience scream over poor Cat just trying to keep this live show on schedule. Then men are on stage to find out who's in the bottom two. It's an Ade/Jason faceoff, and Ade wins. Jason's in the bottom two, because America is still biased against zombies. And then there's Evan and Brandon. Evan looks like he thinks he's in the bottom two, but in fact it's Brandon, which you know is going to mean buh-bye Jason.

And now it's the Emmy-winning Mia Michaels bench routine, featuring the return of Travis and Heidi. She offers him a flower, which is an invitation to engage in contemporary shenanigans. This is from before I started watching the show, but I've heard about this one. Some cool lifts, including one in which Travis lifts Heidi up with one leg, and nice use of the bench, as a divider, as a jumping-off point. I know what I hate, and I don't hate this.

After the commercial break, Kayla comes out to dance to Imogen Heap. Is she trying to get eliminated? She does a decent enough solo, which I imagine will be all the judges need to keep her. Jason dances his solo, which looks almost exactly like last night's, but sped up, so there are more leaps. Janette tops Kayla in the irritating-music department with her selection of Celine Dion's oral sex song. Brandon opens his solo with a spin that continues for a while, and does a cool leap into the splits and, naturally, flips and springs at the end. I didn't recognize him at first with his shirt on.

Then there's a whole mess of dancers out to do Wade Robson's Ramalama routine, which is some kind of period piece nightmare. Ghoulish makeup and 18th-century dress. I never liked Shakespeare until now! I can't even describe it, like not even the lousy job I normally do. Look it up if you haven't seen it. Quite cool.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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