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Another Pussycat Doll?

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Another Pussycat Doll?

Okay, enough sadness. Let's see the All-Stars! Season One: Melody, the runner-up! Season Two: Allison! Season Three: Pasha, of course! Season Four: Twitch, Comfort, and Chelsie! Season Five: Brandon! Season Six: Kathryn! Season Seven: Robert! So there you go. I guess because I said that Melody was the runner-up, I should also say that about Brandon. But the truth is that I only threw that in about Melody because I didn't watch Season One, so I've never heard of her. Sorry.

More cuts! Melanie and Marko continuef to delight everyone with their tango (Mary explained the difference between types!) and that lightbulb thing. Ryan and Ricky did a Broadway number I hated and a cha-cha I loved. The cha-cha was the most I've liked Ryan this whole season. To no one's real surprise, Melanie and Marko are safe. Ryan and Ricky are in the bottom. Again.

Last couples! Jordan and Tadd had that vulture-based thing that made me think that I'm a little tired of dancers pretending to be birds. Why is it always birds? And then they had a Broadway routine that might result in one or both of them going Out Tonight. See what I did there? I used the name of the song in my comment! You're just lucky I didn't spell it "Ow-oooooot Tonight." Meanwhile, Sasha and Alexander did a Paso Doble that I liked the concept of more than the execution and a Tyce DiOrio number that was pretty cool. And it's a swerve! Jordan and Tadd are SAFE! Sasha and Alexander are in danger! Sasha looks poised and ready to do a solo. Alexander looks a little shell-shocked, but he might always look like that.

Do you remember Jason Samuels Smith? I don't. He's here with his tap company "Anybody Can Get It." I would like to say that I hate the random shrieking from the crowd. It turns out that what's going on here is that they're a group of tapper-slash-rappers, which I guess is a thing. The camera stays in a wide shot for almost all of it, which is nice. I'm not too into it, though. Nigel insists on standing while applauding, but only the other judges follow his lead. One of the tappers is Melinda from last season.

Nigel is in a T-shirt to plug National Dance Day. He insists that dancing is fun and good for you. Sounds awful. I will pass, thank you.

Solos! Caitlin leaps about to "The Edge of Glory." The final total is: six leaps and three leg extensions, which I assume were a tribute to Jordan. Mitchell also does a lot of leaps and works in a couple of leg extensions of his own. Ryan neither appalls me or excites me. Ricky is the first one who seems like he's heard his song before ("Body Language" by Queen) and actually connects his movements to the music. Cat points out that Sonya is already getting stressed out about who to send home.

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