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So the movie industry is cause for something of a reach of a montage with dancers "forgetting their lines," e.g. a dancer saying she's 19 when she's actually 18. There's a dancer with his female companion who says, "Everyone thinks I'm her girlfriend," when he actually means, "Everyone thinks I'm her boyfriend," and you kind of want to gently let him know that there is no chance that anyone thinks he's her boyfriend, and that that's OK, too.

And then there's the final dancer of the evening, Christopher Aguilar, 24, of Los Angeles, who wants to produce a movie, starring himself, and he's really inspired by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and he wants to call the movie Drum Song, and this is dressed up as a fake movie trailer, replete with all the scratches of movies from decades ago, like this is Dance Grindhouse all of a sudden.

He comes out strong, with a flip or two and he doesn't quite stick the landing, possibly hurting himself in the process, but gamely continuing on with some showy Broadway moves, dancing to "All That Jazz," with the judges, fully entertained, helping out with the jazz hands.

Adam talks about how disconcerting it is when a male dancer dances a woman's part, and Christopher starts talking about how in his movie his "thesis" is making a female character into a male character and seeing if it affects the story or doesn't affect the story at all. Nigel already has his "I want to murder you" face on. "It would greatly affect the story," Adam says, calling the choice off-putting, but more than that, his performance has exposed his weak technique. Nigel says Christopher scared the hell out of them all with the back somersault that looked like it broke his toes. Mary says he needs more training and he promises to train more. "You're not a very strong dancer. You need a lot more power." Nigel says he just wasn't strong enough, and votes no, as do the other judges. Adam at least encourages him to keep at it, calling him a fascinating and interesting guy.

We zip through the choreography round, finding out that nine other dancers made it through to Vegas, and then move right onto Day 2, dancers in line happily wishing us all a good morning.

Amber Williams, 18, of Yucaipa, Calif., tells us that her mom was paralyzed from the waist down in a botched surgery to remove a cyst. Mom Karen Podratz was devastated, worried about what would happen to her children. Amber says she had to grow up very fast, but quickly accepted that she had to take care of her mom, who used to take care of her. Let's just move on before I start to bawl, OK? Here's hoping Amber's good.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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