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She does a contemporary/ballet routine that, fortunately, is quite good, and Nigel says she stopped just as he was really getting into her routine, and then talks to her about her charisma that needs to come out, because it's about more than just technique. He asks about her mom, and Amber points her out, and Nigel says she's got a beautiful dancer. Mary agrees that she's a beautiful dancer, singling out a pirouette that went into the floor, and calls her a force to be reckoned with, and talks about the beauty of her routine contrasted with the crash-boom-bang of a lot of auditions. "You just blew me away," says Adam, and Nigel draws attention to the not-insignificant feat of getting Mary Murphy to talk about quietness. And they stage-whisper that she's going to Vegas. Outside, Amber hugs her mom, and I can't handle too much of this right now. I'm going to save my tears for more of this story later on in the season.

The morning turns into afternoon, Cat tells us, and the contemporary dancers "proved they had real star quality." Like Alexie Agdeppa, 25, of Rowland Heights, Calif., who Nigel says dances with "every part of [her] essence." And Paula van Oppen, 18, of North Hollywood, who does one of those amazing moves where she goes from the floor to a standing position backwards without using her arms, effortlessly. Both are through to Vegas.

5 p.m. on Day 2, now, and Christina Santana, 23, of San Diego hopes the judges have had enough contemporary and want some salsa. Because people like to say salsa. She infuses her salsa with a little hip-hop, pop and lock thing. A lot of twirling to start off, and then, as advertised, popping and locking that I found less compelling than the Latin dancing, which they go back to, including a crouch-spin that goes on a long time.

Nigel asks why her dance partner isn't auditioning, calling him "bloody good," and then says Christina put a smile on everyone's face and her routine was "thrilling to watch." Mary calls her "absolutely fabulous," and she has it all. She asks if Christina does other styles, and Christina says she does ballet, jazz and belly-dancing, the latter earning Nigel's vote immediately. Christina obliges Nigel with a little shimmy, and then Adam praises her core strength. She's going straight through to Vegas, and Nigel has for some reason pasted the ticket to his forehead. I suppose sticking it down the front of his pants would have been bad form.

On to a montage o' suck now, including a beanpole of a tap-dancer who manages to stand ramrod-straight while moving only his feet.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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