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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

Brianne Healey, 18, of American Fork, UT, wanted to "grow up a little" so she went to Miami and danced on a cruise ship for four and a half months, "and boy did I grow up a lot," she says. Sigh. Save it for Nigel, sweetheart. She's good, I suppose. I can never tell. It's lyrical or interpretive or ballet or whatever. A lot of swaying. When the judges start in with the comments about how a dancer is "beautiful" or whatever, I expect they're getting ready to let them down easy, but Brianne gets asked to move on to the choreography round.

Joshua Hill, 18, of Simi Valley, CA, does some kind of walk-dancing to salsa music, looking more like he's taking a roadside sobriety test. And failing. Nigel says what he's doing is great for social gatherings. Before he can once again break his alleged promise to not be mean, Wade breaks it to him that he's not moving on. Outside, Joshua's all jazzed about how this is how far one year of dancing got him, so he's going to see what happens after one more year. Guy, this was an OPEN AUDITION.

Benji Schwimmer, last year's champion, hams it up, "pretending" to be distraught that he will soon be supplanted. All the spotlight hogging is because he's there to partner up with his little sister, Lacey, who was too young to try out last year. But he promised her then that if he made the show, he'd come back with her this year. Aw! She's got her own bona fides: she's the youth U.S. swing champ, as well as the youth Latin champ. But she's feeling pressure. They dance, flinging each other around to that Black Eyed Peas song that incorporates "Miserlou" (think: opening credits of Pulp Fiction). But there was no need for her to be nervous: they're great, and Lacey goes straight through to Vegas.

Choreography round: Wade does a little fake-out about whether Brianne's moving on. She is, and so are twenty-four others.

On to Chicago, next to an iced-over Lake Michigan. Hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks is joining Mary and Nigel. Remember when You Got Served? Shane's the one who served you.

Cheerleader Morgan Larson, 18, of Oconomowoc, Wisc., does a lot of things that the judges haven't seen before. "Wow, she's interesting," says Nigel. Yes, she does have a nice body, Nigel. After her routine, Nigel can barely stop drooling and dropping innuendo (apparently Morgan's got some "things" the choreographers would "love to get a hold of") long enough for the judges to send her straight through to Vegas. Nuh-uh, says Morgan. Yuh-huh.

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