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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

Phillip Chbeeb, 18, of Houston pops and locks like a champ. And he does this INCREDIBLE wavy arm thing that makes it look like his arms are boneless. I'm serious. That ruled. Find some way to see that if you missed it. Shane goes ballistic, because that's what he's talking about! In a surprise move, Mary laughs her ass off, but wants to see more, and Nigel's on board and they send Phillip on to Vegas.

Some guy looks like he's dying onstage, and Shane educates us on the difference between unique and "whack." Nigel tells someone that she produced maybe the worst tap-dancing routine he's ever seen. Also, how long has it been since I've heard the Cherry Poppin' Daddies?

Yesenia Gomez, 23, from Grand Rapids and her brother Isauro Gomez, 27. Isauro hip-hops around the stage, with Isauro throwing in a little tap as well, which makes Nigel laugh, but not in the good way. Nigel says it was a bit of crumping and a bit of tapping, so is it called "crapping"? How long has he been waiting to use that line? Obviously, it's no. She's much better, plus she's wearing sweatpants that say "Sexy Bitch" on the arse. Shane loved it, Mary not as much, Nigel not as much. But Yesenia's going on to choreography.

Choreography round: Nigel fakes out Yesenia with a "I'm afraid this is the end. Of today." She bites, completely, and takes a moment to realize she's going on to Vegas.

Next day: Eva "Evita" Arce, 26, of New York, and Michael Jagger, 27, also of New York, are going to do the Charleston and the lindy hop, and we spend an inordinate amount of time discussing their non-relationship before we get to their dancing. They're really good, but I keep thinking their routine should be grainy and sepia-toned and feature Al Capone somewhere. They get sent on to Vegas, with special praise reserved for an effortless move in which she jumped back into a sit into his arms.

Then we get a montage about how Chicago has "hit its stride" that features, for about half a second, someone Shane calls "one of the best females [they've] seen." Thanks for showing her! On the plus side, at least we're spared some more of Mary's screeching.

Janet Bombard, 26, from Tampa dances to some hip-hop with a bit of a tribal thing going on. She's not scantily clad enough for Nigel to know if he likes her or not, so he checks with Mary to make sure she's a good dancer. It's only after she's done that we find out she's got a prosthetic arm. "You're the brightest star in this building right now," says Shane. Not bright enough to go to Vegas, apparently -- but she's through to choreographer. Afterwards, she gives the details: her arm was completely severed in a car accident. I am an absolute awe of her refusal (as well as the next guy's) to let losing a limb keep her from dancing. I could only dream of being so positive if something happened to me. Her goal is be an example to others. Well done -- I don't think she needs this show for that.

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