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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

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Auditions #2 And 3: L.A. And Chicago

Interesting how they kept her prosthetic arm a secret, but they've been teasing this next guy and his prosthetic leg at every commercial break for the past hour. I guess their maximum for tear-jerking prosthetic promos is one missing limb per show. Anyway, Jon "Quincy" Vereen auditioned back in Season 1 with a "suicide" move in which he flipped over onto his back. Since then, he's lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, and thought he'd never dance again. From what we see, though, a missing leg is, perhaps not surprisingly, a bigger detriment to a dancer than a missing arm. Maybe it's because we already know, but Jon's movement is obviously limited, and at one point his routine seems to consist of primarily imitating a background singer in an Usher video. He sways around on stage before busting out a little breaking at the last second, but it may be too late. Given the circumstances, I guess, Nigel and the judges put him through to choreography -- but Nigel still deplores being patronizing! -- but a problem with his prosthetic leg keeps him from doing the choreography. He wipes a tear or two, but mostly remains positive. Any of the prima donnas who get cut from this or American Idol and wail and gnash their teeth need to watch Quincy and Janet here, and learn to shut up.

And speaking of Janet: after choreography, she is asked to come to Vegas, to join thirteen others.

Tomorrow night, auditions in Atlanta. Sorry, Cat -- I mean, "the A-T-L."

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So You Think You Can Dance




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