So You Think You Can Dance

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Do You Hear What I Fear?

Turns out Legacy did some choreographing with Lauren, and Nigel and Mary seem to familiar with him while Mia's heard about him. She calls him "stupid," and how that has become a compliment is beyond me. Maybe she's reclaiming the word? Legacy's straight through to Vegas.

Twenty-two dancers take it to choreography, including "live-wire" Jarvis Johnson, who winds up collapsing on stage and needing oxygen from paramedics, and then wonder of wonders, it ISN'T a heart attack, and he heads home in the back of his parents' car (which seems to advertise "free digital video phones." Dammit! The phone number is blurred out!). Back inside, alien abductee Kelsey White doesn't make it, but Mary encourages her to work harder, since she was really close. Five other dancers who we don't know and haven't seen make it through. Good thing we saw Jarvis suck all the oxygen out of the room.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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