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Commercials. Is Fame really "the movie everyone is talking about"?

Our next auditioner is first seen doing that thing where you do a backflip off a wall. He doesn't have formal training, but he's confident in his moves. And we've been seeing previews of him the whole season, including just before that last commercial break, when Cat said his power moves were the best they'd ever seen. So here we go! Jean Lloret starts off with kind of a salsa-y dancing in place and the judges are kind of bored. Until he does this thing where he stands on his hands and very slowly rotates his legs around his torso. It's hard to describe. But it blows the judges' minds, and then he's off into a whole bunch of crazy moves based around a no-hands windmill and handstands. The judges just stand up waving plane tickets. He's got double-jointed elbows or something. Crazy, man. Crazy.

Later, a dude with no shirt and long dreads does some very high jumps and earns a ticket. And now it's time for our first blonde girl of the evening. Her name is Channing Cooke, and she's an ice cream scooper. She merits a location shoot at the ice cream stand, scored, for some reason, to the Ramones' "Rockaway Beach". Ah, it's at a beach of some sort, and now she's doing backflips in the surf. Channing just turned 18, and she's always wanted to audition for the show, etc. You know the drill.

Her routine is one of those where she flexes her biceps on "you are strong" and then makes a pleading gesture for "...but you are needy". She has a lot of leg extension. Is that a thing? Let's pretend it is. Nigel asks if she's a tomboy, and she claims she is, demonstrating a little bit of the "Thriller" dance. Mary loved her athleticism, and Tyce thinks she's awesome. But he wants more out of the performance, because the song was more passionate than the dance. So she's being sent to choreography. See you there!

Next up, Ryan Casey, a gangly fellow in a peach shirt with an aqua tie. He's six foot eight. That might be the only interesting thing about him. His tapdancing (again? Man, I've seen Nicholas Brothers routines with less tap than this season! Or, you know, Gregory Hines. Or Savion Glover. Whichever name you recognize. Seriously, though, if you don't know who the Nicholas Brothers are, watch this.) ... where was I? Oh, right. The tall guy. Man, I should not have spent that time looking at Nicholas Brothers clips, because now I'm completely bored by this guy. Nigel thinks he looks ungainly sometimes, but he's got educated ankles. He wonders what Ryan will be like with a partner. Mary praises the dynamics of the performance, which combined quiet parts and loud parts. Tyce thinks it was beautiful, and Ryan's going to choreography.

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