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It's all good news so far! Can Russell Ferguson keep it going? Well, he's a krumper, which means that the judges will have no idea what's going on or how to critique him. Me, I've seen Rize, so ... I'm still not really ideally suited for the task, honestly. The music has some cool African-sounding drums going on, which I like. The dancing has a lot of cool poses in it, and it's very controlled. Nigel claims that it's "Bucc", because that's something his black friend Li'l C says. He wants to send Russell to choreography because he finds krump one-dimensional. Mary asks what else Russell is trained in, and the answer is "ballet, modern, tap, jazz, African ..." so at least we'll be spared the "totally untrained!" storyline. Nigel asks if he's ever combined krump and tap, but it's just so he can make a feeble pun about it being "krap". Tyce claims that it was both filthy and dirty. So it's choreography for him, and Tyce starts doing high kicks and saying "I love it I love it I love it" as a tribute to a Molly Shannon character on SNL. And then there are fart jokes. Classy!

The last dancer of the day is Fabrizio Jenkins, who is a fairly big guy. His popping is, I'd say, about street-corner-worthy. If you saw this guy on the street, you'd stop and watch. He falls down and rolls his ankle at one point, but it does not stop him. When Nigel asks him about falling down, he cops to it. The judges like that he kept going, and seem to have enjoyed the performance. They recommend more training and work, and put him through to choreography on the strength of his general personality. [Also takes the opportunity to make fun of Mary's ancestors being part of the Salem witch trials. You know he was holding that in the entire day. -- Angel]

It's another routine by Pasha and Anya, which I believe is going to make some people very happy. Fabrizio bows out, saying that his ankle won't let him do the turns. In the choreography routine itself, Channing and Russell seem to be very precise, and Ryan is a little gawky-looking. Ryan doesn't get through, Channing and Russell do. As do eight other people, who may or may not have names.

The next day, it's more of the same. Nigel asks that any dancer who is not a star just go home right away. First off, we have a ballroom couple that we've been repeatedly told is the sexiest pair of sex that ever sexed a sex. It's Karen and Matthew Hauer, and Nigel is barking annoyingly already. It is a well-danced ballroom number with a lot of pelvic grinding. They're married to each other, if that makes you feel any better about it. Mary calls Karen a hot tamale, but at least she doesn't shriek or talk about trains or anything. Tyce thinks they look and dance fantastic, and here are their tickets to Las Vegas.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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