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A Tahitian dancer apparently shows off his junk.

An Irish Step Dancer! Let's get Riverdancey! Oh, wait. This involves an animated presentation about the history of Step Dancing, and I don't buy it. Let's move on! Mary Kate Sheeha seems fine, although this sort of thing looks weird when you only have one person doing it. She mixes in a couple of regular dance leaps so they know she's had more training. Nigel really wants to nerd out about the details of Irish Dancing. He asks if she does competitions. "I won the last three regional championships. I'm top five in the nation, and top in the world as well." Oh. Well, then. Mary reminds us that she's Irish (Murphy, remember?) and Jason loved seeing her cross the whole stage. She seems like the ideal candidate for sending to choreography, and that, indeed, is where she goes.

Ooh! Now there's somebody dancing to "The Club Can't Even Handle Me" from Step Up 3D. I love that song! Whoever's dancing, though, gets rejected. And then a couple more people get rejected. Then Nigel yells at the whole crowd, which doesn't seem quite fair, because if I understand the system correctly, those are the people who haven't auditioned yet. Why yell at them because the people who have gotten on stage have been bad? Oh, and here's a guy doing a back flip that ends up with him landing on his back. Ah, the parade of failure. Nigel claims to be frustrated with everyone. Some people leave the theater angry. One kid is surrounded by security. Nigel says that this is the worst it's been in eight seasons, which seems unlikely.

We break out of the Montage of Failure with Virgil "Lil O" Gadson, from Philadelphia, PA. He's got some acrobatics and some cheerful, friendly krump-inspired posing. A few breakdancing moves later, and everyone's having a good time. He mixes in a lot of hip hop styles, including some old-school locking. Good for him! Nigel says that O is not just a dancer; he's a "performer." That means he smiles a lot. Mary thinks America would fall in love with him. Nigel does a head-fake toward choreography but then sends him straight to Vegas.

Choreo round. Will and Katee again. Brian the Krumper says it's crazy difficult. To my eyes, he's kind of sloppy. Mary Kate the Irish Dancer is perfect. She seems very good at this. Nigel tells her the judges weren't unanimous, but she's going to Vegas. And so is Brian! Good for him! He's in tears about this and tells his mother he loves her. He seems nice!

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