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By the way, I would like to register my usual complaint about the way everyone says "Vegas" instead of "Las Vegas." I blame Swingers.

For Day Two, Cat says that if you're a dancer, you want to be "right here on Broadway." Although the actual auditions are in Brooklyn. Let's not get silly; those Broadway theaters are expensive.

Jess LeProtto is an eighteen-year-old "actor, dancer, and singer." He's terrifyingly confident. And he's going to be dancing in black suspenders and white fingerless gloves, so the best-case scenario is channeling Old Broadway of the sort that Tyce D'Orio is always trying to get at. He describes his style as "musical theater," but Nigel makes him narrow it down to "Jazz" He likes kicks and splits and pirouettes. And he's good at them. Although did he have to pick "Mack the Knife"? I guess he probably did. Nigel's objection was that although Jess is clearly technically accomplished, he didn't look like he was enjoying it. Mary agrees. "If I would have felt something more from you, then I would have been standing up and screaming for you," she says, which makes me kind of glad that she didn't like it that much. Jason loved it, although he admits that there was a lack of connection. He's through to choreography, and he vows to take their notes.

Oh, a Latin dancer! Kristen Dobson seems good, but I'm mostly excited because we might get to see Mary Murphy provide solid commentary. There's one spot where Kristen just stops in the middle of the dance and pulls her leg over her head, and it's really out of place. Nigel has Jason lead the commentary, and he liked her personality but not her partnering. Mary thinks she's doing remarkable for someone who's only been doing it for three years. And she gets super-technical right away, going into the details of the way Kristen puts her weight on her ankles. See, I love when she gets specific like that. If there were more of that and less shrieking, she'd be awesome.

Some ballroom dancers go to Vegas.

Parade of dancers. There's another Locker in there, in the traditional ridiculous bright colors.

Robert Taylor, Jr. is primarily characterized by insisting on going "Whoooooooo" a lot. He does the robot with a lot of amusing facial expressions, then busts into a high-energy popping style. I like the part where he walks on his toes. He's also very into waving at the audience, which is always fun. Nigel is delighted to see all the personality. Mary thinks it was both fun and entertaining. Jason appreciates all the entertainment, which "never got boring once." Not even once? Well, then. Robert is through to Vegas!

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