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The Real Dance Styles of Atlanta

After the break, Amber Jackson, 18, shows off her contemporary skills and crazy long legs. Nigel badgers her until she admits she wasn't performing to anyone in particular. The dancing was superb, he says, but the performance was "shit." Usually, when Nigel says this kind of thing, or talks about connecting with the audience, I tend to think it means, "you're not sufficiently flirting with me." But Amber does seem especially awkward. "Frustrating," says Mary, and Lil' C calls this a "wake-up call." But all three send her to choreography.

Cat says this "lack of performance" became a theme. Cue the parade of dead-eyed dancers. Set to break this trend of poor performance quality is Travis Denison, 30, who says he was the "mic man" for the University of Georgia football team. His job, such as it was, entailed telling the crowd who came to cheer the Bulldogs to... cheer the Bulldogs. In the clips we're shown, he doesn't seem all that hyped about it. Anyway, he credits his dancing career to Wade Robson, since he auditioned for The Wade Robson Project back during Wade's Britney-fucking era. So Travis performs, and... it looks like a routine he learned eight years ago. Just half-assed hip-hop maneuvers over and over again, all while dressed like Dixie Carter's longtime personal assistant. Then judges appear to enjoy themselves, despite the suckage, and Nigel asks is Travis is related to Adam Shankman. Okay, 1) again with the easy Adam Shankman joke, Nigel? And 2) I don't care if there is some merit to the claim -- the side-by-sides set to the tune of "Just the Two of Us" are not exactly dissimilar -- I won't stand for this kind of classless sullying of Adam Shankman's good image. He's bringing us Step Up 3D, people! The judges have a good laugh, call Travis "fun," and send him on his way. In his exit interview, Travis is all, "Adam Shake-man? Who?" I hate you, Travis.

Jamal Jackson, 19, blows the judges away with an energetic and limber contemporary. Victor Smalley, 20, overcomes his incredibly outdated fauxhawk to deliver another contemporary that Mary calls, "explosive, dynamic, and controlled." In particular she loved his pirouette, as did I. They're both easy calls for Vegas. Victor does that awesome thing I love on this show where he runs out into the hallway and gays out in impressive fashion. I like him.

Brothers (twins?) Anthony and Antwain are back after auditioning in season 4. They're captioned together as age 22, so they must be twins, but as Anthony (Antwain?) points out, Antwain (Anthony?) is "fatter." They audition to "Boom Boom Pow" and are impressively in sync, pulling off a whole series of hip-hop moves you've seen a billion times on this show. Not that that's a negative, exactly; it's an audition, it's good to see they can do what the show asks of people. Nigel's happy to see they've improved from the last audition, and Mary says they're getting closer. C calls them refreshing. Nigel says they're probably easy calls for Vegas, but he thinks more choreography training will be good for them, so it's on to Pasha and Anya's "Calle Ocho" Sweat Shop!

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