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The Real Dance Styles of Atlanta

After a montage of loser auditions, Cat introduces us to Thomas Hamilton, 20, who is one of those dancers who talks about dance as if it's their salvation. Which may well be the case considering Thomas was a crack baby, raised by his aunt, grew up in poverty amid drugs and awfulness, et cetera. I like Thomas, and I'm rooting for him, of course, but I do wish the show wouldn't dare me to hate him with all these dramatic shots of him looking soulful amid his hometown squalor, set to John Mayer's "Gravity." Thomas is tonight's 600th contemporary dancer who looks pretty good. Did the earth swallow up all the ballroom dancers this season? I'm sure poor Pasha could use the company. Anyway, he's good, and crazy melodramatic, with the gospel choir music and the dropping to his knees. Mia's gonna shit. And no sooner did I write that than Nigel mentions Thomas took a class with Mia, which totally turned him around on contemporary dancing. Nigel actually cautions him against the insular "praise-dancing," which I'm actually thankful for. This is why we have crusty Brit judges. Once again, Mary remains dry-eyed but moved (today's Botox treatment sealed up her tear ducts?). C praises Mia through Thomas, which I can see being annoying if you hate Mia, but why the hell would I hate Mia? Nigel wants to see him do choreography, so it's choreography.

After staring at Pasha for an hour (I'm assuming, based on what I'd do), the callback dancers get their "Calle Ocho" on. Thomas rocks the shit out of it, while BoogieLinks and Jessica struggle. Cat's pronunciation of "Boogie" to rhyme with "Doogie" makes me want BoogieLinks to stay for the whole season, but alas, he gets cut. Jessica wasn't strong enough, either, which I think is a shame because it looked like part of that was a partner who didn't seem to want to grab hold of her stump. It's not unfair, just unfortunate. Thomas, obviously, is Vegas-bound. Atlanta's best dancers bop around to Black Eyed Peas as the day concludes.

Tomorrow: Monty and the New Orleans auditions. It's probably too much to hope Renny from Big Brother will be there, but it looks like a Nigel-less judging panel awaits. Hmm...

Joe R knows all the words to "Calle Ocho" ... because all the words are "one, two, three, four, uno, dos, tres, quatro." Feedback is always appreciated at

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So You Think You Can Dance




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