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Auditions #4: Atlanta

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Auditions #4: Atlanta

Choreography: Tony gets sent through to Vegas, and he drama queens into a sitting position for some reason. He's already annoying. Clogger Norris is through too. In all, twenty-eight people from Day One have made it through.

Day Two: Brian Gaynor, 22, from Kennesaw, GA, is a computer science major. He's got scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine. He's very short. His robot is INCREDIBLE. The judges love him. Nigel calls him sensational, and he uses his physical condition to his brilliant advantage. Brian takes in all the compliments, and they send him on to choreography. I can't get over him. I keep rewinding to watch that over again. I'm 31 years old, I'm in my rec room thinking, "Damn, I need to start doing the robot."

Myles Johnson, 20, of Cartersville, GA, was a football player who broke his leg, and took up ballet at his coach's suggestion, to help his leg heal better. Apparently, he really liked it, much to the chagrin of his asshole father ("He was the perfect son," laments this prick), who spends most of an interview talking about how hard this been. "I had it all," says the dad, meaning an all-American quarterback who was dating a cheerleader. And now he has a lot less in his life, now that his son is a dancer, is that right? Because a dancing son probably wants butt sex, right? Myles's dad was all supportive of the ballet, only inasmuch as it would help the football. But once Myles gave up football for dancing, his dad basically disowned him for awhile. This is heart-breaking. Myles gets teary-eyed when he sits next to his dad and talks about how much his support means to him. His dad just stares at him, clearly thinking, "Stop crying, sissy." All the judges agree Myles is really good for only having eight months of training, and he will get better. Shane gives Myles a no in moving on, but Nigel decides to send him on to choreography, wanting to be part of the "learning process," and Mary agrees. Neither of them think he'll make it through choreography to Vegas. But since we've seen so much in the way of interviews and video of Myles and his dad, you don't have to be Nostradamus to figure out he's going to make it. At least son and pop seem to be speaking now, even if dad seems to think he's lost something with Myles giving up football.

Ashley Simpson, 18, of Tempe, AZ, apparently meets a lot of stupid people who can't fathom more than one person having such a unique name. She's good, I suppose. What do I know? Shane loved it. Mary says she was fantastic. Nigel calls her very good and sends her on to choreography, but Mary wants to put her straight through to Vegas. Shane agrees, and Nigel gives in (maybe it was Ashley's hopping up and down that convinced him)?

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