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Also on the solo round, Anthony Burrell, 29, who auditioned in NYC, pulls a hamstring and requires a cortisone shot, but he returns in time to dance. He's a contemporary dancer with excellent extension and a kind of beautiful-in-a-thug's-shell thing happening. He makes it through. Twenty-six get cut, but nobody we know.

Next up is the Hip-Hop round, choreographed by Tabitha-but-not-Napoleon. Did those two fall out of favor fast with this show? Or does it just seem that way because they've been kept away from the judges' table? Anyway, breakdancer Jose Ruiz (partnered with Nicole Knutsen and her knot of hair) really shines here and gets through with "yes" votes from everyone but Lil' C (three yes votes get you though). Not so lucky is Rachel, our rhythmic gymnast from the L.A. auditions. Six "no" votes and she's gone. Also getting cut this round are gross Euro fake-tanned sweaty ballroomer Michael and poor Teddy Suspenders, who made Mia cry by evoking nerdy teen isolation so well. The unshaven blonde scruff couldn't have helped, but it really seems a poor hip-hop performance contributed the most to his ouster.

Anthony Burrell's back in the spotlight again, this time getting "yes" votes across the board (though Adam seems unimpressed) for his solid, confident hip-hop. Not so for Sarah Brinson, who injured her back, performed poorly, got straight "no"s and had to be comforted by Tyce Diorio, of all awful people.

Next style: Ballroom, with choreographer Toni Redpath! Here's where she goes from likeable to awesome, as it turns out she's the annual Totally Scary Vegas Choreographer. She is MEAN. She is INTENSE. And you will LISTEN when she speaks because MAYBE what she says will HELP your dumb ass. Billy dubs her "Nazi Barbie," though not loudly enough for her to hear, because he's not dumb.

One dancer particularly frazzled by ballroom is Nicole Knutsen. She's incredibly stiff and doesn't do well. The judges are flirting with getting rid of her. Someone says they were distracted by her hair ball, and she says she wasn't sure whether that was supposed to be her calling card or what. The judges say that indecision showed, and they ask her to let her hair down, at which point they all ooh and ahh and say she already has better body language and is essentially a whole new dancer. This is fine vintage bullshit, I must interject, and it seems like a big pretext to let her try the routine again after a bit more work. Clearly they like her and want her around, which I can agree with, because she's great and odd and necessary for this show. But come on, judges. It's not the hair.

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