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Welcome to -- where the hell are we tonight? New Orleans? Okay. We start with a montage of memorable dancers from previous episodes, although not that one girl from yesterday. You know the one I mean. I don't think we'll be seeing her again.

It is very hot in New Orleans. Humid, too, probably. And this was shot when Nigel was back in England getting an honorary degree, so our judges will be Mary, Li'l C, and Adam Shankman. Delightful! I look forward to seeing Mary run things.

We're starting with a dance style with which I am not familiar: New Orleans Bounce, as danced by Shelby "Skip" Skipper. We get a video introduction to New Orleans Bounce featuring Big Choo, the inventor of the style, who might just be one of Skip's pals. Cat learns to both Bounce and Shake.

Skip's performance is very frenetic and involves a lot of shoulder waggling and knee wobbling. It looks tiring. Mary loved the energy, and she's refreshingly low-key about it. Adam claims to be an expert on New Orleans Bounce, but can't get through it with a straight face. He praises the commitment and drive. Li'l C is just happy to give a little-known dance style some publicity. Skip explains that Big Choo called him up and told him he should go audition, since it was just around the corner. Mary does the thing where she looks sad and tells him he's not going to choreography, but it's a swerve because he's going straight to Vegas. You don't see that many specialists in local hip hop styles who get sent straight to Vegas. We need a name for that move.

Coming up: backflips! And a jackass who makes a lot of annoying noises, and I don't mean Mary Murphy!

We're back with some glory shots of the Mississippi river. Jonathan Litzler is a ballet/contemporary jazz dancer with a background in acrobatics. He sounds ideal for this show, doesn't he? His solo involves some flipping around and a lot of hand-waving. In my opinion, it's not a particularly musical performance, but there are some nice moves in there. Adam Shankman says it's one of the best auditions he's ever seen, though, so maybe you should take his word over mine. Li'l C praises Jonathan's blend of weight, energy, space, and time. Mary is also blown away. Vegas.

Lightning round! Alison Nance is a young lady who writhes about on the stage in a pleasing fashion. Calvin Turner, Jr. waves his limbs about and the judges approve. Edward Spots spins and jumps very high. Adam thinks he's extraordinary. Vegas for all three.

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