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Now there's a montage of people in silly sunglasses, body paint, or pants. It ends too quickly, and we're onto a hyper gentleman named Eric Le Blanc, who has drunk four energy drinks today alone. I'm guessing he does a lot of things alone. Zing! And by a strange coincidence, "Zing!" is just one of the obnoxious noises he makes while running and somersaulting around the room. He is really annoying, and I very much hope that he can't dance so we'll be done with him faster.

His routine is, as might be expected, full of flailing around and unplanned twitching. And it's to that damn Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow", for like the twentieth time this audition cycle. He and Mary trade shrieks, and neither of them needs to be encouraging the other one. Why with the shrieking? Nobody enjoys this. Li'l C praises Eric's passion, but stays tactfully away from the dancing. Mary and C send Eric to choreography, because they want to punish me for something. More shrieking ensues.

Another montage of dancers who are good at dancing. And now it's time for Justin Kenney who nearly died in an SUV crash. Wear your seatbelts, kids! He still breakdances, although he's had to cut back on the headspins. He's very good at the big power moves, although I feel like it's just a series of Big Moves, rather than a dance performance. He's exhausted after his solo, and there's no surprise there. Mary praises him for not leaving any moves out of the routine. Li'l C likes that he came out into the air-flares (that's that thing that looks like a windmill but it's all done up on your hands -- I think it might also have been used by Kurt Thomas when he was kicking dudes in the face from a makeshift pommel horse in Gymkata). Adam is very impressed as well. Choreography, which I think is the right call here.

The choreography is, once again, by Pasha and Anya. Justin is a little shaky, and Eric is the trainwreck we all knew he'd be. Eric's family tells him that at least he had fun. Fine, but did he have to do it on my television screen. Justin goes through to Vegas, as do some other dancers we didn't see.

Coming up: lifts! And booty-shaking!

It's the next day! Backflips ahoy! A lot of people we'll never see again! Li'l C encourages the dancers to be "beyond magnificent".

Our first auditioner is Kimalee Piedad, who competes with her partner in Theater Arts: Ballroom. He's not auditioning tonight so that he can focus on supporting her. They're very smooth and polished, and incorporate a lot of fancy lifts. They're practically Cirque du Soleil-levels of fanciness. Mary thought it was fabulous and praises Kimalee's leglines, armlines, and passion. Li'l C thought it was visually informative. Adam loved it but would like to see Kimalee on her own. She says she's worked in a lot of styles. Adam wants to put her through to choreography to see what she's like with another partner, but Mary thinks she could go straight to Vegas. Li'l C has to break the tie and he goes with Miss Murphy. Vegas!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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