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Timothy Joseph, 21, is a very classic b-boy with some great energy; like a black Gev, but he injures himself in choreography and bows out rather than hamper a partner's chances. He may well have had a legitimate injury, but you see this a lot with street dancers who bow out at the choreo stage, and I always wonder if it's because they know they're not going to be able to do all the ballroom/contemporary stuff that you need to do on this show, and their reward is just getting on TV with their audition. Which is totally legitimate; the truth of the matter is that for 90% of street dancers, SYTYCD is not the right venue for them, because you need such a strong base of dance training to be able to do things like partner, learn ballroom choregraphy, et cetera. Guys like Russell and Joshua were able to win because (SHHH!) they had that training, and you end up with fast learners like Twitch and Hok, but overall, I wonder if there shouldn't be a spinoff show for street dancers only. I guess ABDC fills that niche, just with groups rather than individuals. Anyway: DEEP THOUGHTS ON B-BOYS.

Aisha Moss is a former stripper with a missing front tooth and a prodigious muffin top, and a wig that she's not so much wearing as allowing it to rest on her head. I'm cringing like I always do with these "let's all laugh at the poor unfortunate!" segments, but the saving grace for Aisha is that she doesn't think she's going to be a superstar. She just wants to have fun, and while Tyce patronizes her like a douche (Fair and Balanced: his chin beard looks very well-groomed today); Toni and Nigel seem to genuinely appreciate her spirit. Aisha then sticks around to cheer on Marcos Prieto and his FUCKING SHINY SHIRT. Unfortunately, Marcos seems to have learned all his moves from Aisha while waiting to perform. Which is not good.

You guys! Who could have expected that San Francisco would devolve into a freak show?? San Francisco! But seriously, show, thanks for the closeup of some homeless kid's gross feet. Appreciate it.

D'on-que Addison, 22, is a moody, melodramatic fuck with Sisqo hair and a deep case of "should have taken a left turn and become a drag queen several years back" for all the drama he likes to evince. Fair and Balanced Tyce: the glare of pure hatred he shoots at D'on-que as his "audition" devolves into him just crouching on the floor and scream-crying. Like, hilarious fake-breakdown crying. Toni stares at the ceiling, which is pretty much the only way to react if you're not Tyce, who, seriously, HATES this fucker. D'on-que then has what I'm calling a genuine bipolar moment where he's like "It was all a performance! I did what I came here for!" and then cheerfully trots off the stage in good spirits. San Francisco seems fun.

We get a lesson in the local dance style called "turfing," a type of pop-and-locking that incorporates "swagger, feetwork [gliding], pantomiming, [and] storytelling." Levi "I Dummy" Allen turfs for the judges, who are impressed at the fluidity of his movements when he's gliding. Toni wonders/worries if the concentration on not permanently dislocating limbs while he's going through his contortions isn't taking away from overall performance quality. Nigel worries if he can translate to other styles, a concern that is validated when Levi can't keep up with the choreography. Still: turfing got its moment in the sun, which is exactly what I was talking about earlier.

Next week: Salt Lake City, then New York City -- a contrast of styles you can only see on this show! ...And also the Tony Awards in a few weeks.

Joe R wonders if he's gotten in over his head, committing to saying nice things about Tyce. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at Previous 1 2 3 4 5Next

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