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Outside the theatre, Tony struggles to catch his breath, and the editor helpfully flashes back to Tony boasting that he can dance like this for five or six hours without getting tired. A medic is called. Then, presumably, Tony dies.

Up next is Priscilla Marrero, 23, from Miami, who says she was raised with "rice and beans" and that dance is a big part of her family culture. She dances contemporary for the judges, impressing Tyce right out of the gate with a back kick. She's really good, and the judges really like her. Nigel asks her how long she's been dancing, and an out of breath Priscilla haltingly says she started when she was three, and then was injured when she was 15, and thought she'd be a normal person. But she's Priscilla, dammit, and she's a dancer. Nigel praises her, Mary babbles, and Tyce says -- I'm not sure, I'm still mad at him for how rude he was to Tony. Who, by the way, is still clinging to life outside.

He makes a full recovery after having a banana, and some water. Which is good, because I think Tyce really wanted to pull the plug.

Back from last year are Janette Manrara, 25, from Miami, who made it through to Vegas but was cut before making it to the Top 20, and her partner, Romulo Villaverde, 20, from Hialeah, Fla., a couple of high-energy ballroom dancers who hope that another year under their belts will put them that much closer to success. Romulo flips and twirls Janette around like she weighs maybe 20 pounds. Their routine is slick and polished and it looks like they could have gone for another half-an-hour if Nigel hadn't stopped them. Nigel says they'd be waiting for some spicy "salser," and Mary screams that they've been hit in the face by the performance, and Tyce praises a leg-kick, and then Mary is screaming again, telling Nigel that there's just one thing left to do, and she mock-strangles him and says she'll have to kill him if they don't just send them straight through to Vegas. Which of course they do, since they're not hip-hoppers, although Romulo does break out some old school moves after earning his ticket.

So the bar has been set high for couples, Cat tells us. Which means we're going to get someone else completely amazing, or get someone completely awful.

So here come Jessica and Jennifer Guadix twins, 28, of Miami. Note to Nigel: they're same-sex! The Guadix twins love lyrical dance and learned ballet from reading books? But then they kind of lost it? What, the book? I'm confused. They start off sitting facing each other on the floor, pulling each other back and forth. Then they writhe around, laboriously do splits and kicks. Oh, they're awful. Nigel dryly says they've never had synchronized dancing before, and Mary quickly says that they still haven't. Then she laughs for five minutes while Nigel and Tyce dissect the dancers. Tyce calls them "tragic" and Nigel says the competition is not for them, and they very graciously accept the rejection.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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