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We spend a good deal of time with Talia Rickards, 24, telling us a heartbreaking story of marrying her high school sweetheart when she was 18, only to have him die in a motorcycle accident four years later (three years ago). She tells us she's doing fine with the support of family and friends, although she's in tears by the time she finishes telling the story, and she refers to her dead husband as "sleeping," so it looks like there's a little bit more healing yet to come. [I started calling her Gokey girl last night. Apparently widowers are the new reality show must-have. -- Angel]

So here's hoping SYTYCD can help. You gonna break a widow's heart again, Nigel? She runs and flings herself all over the stage. A little hip hop, a little ballet, a little lyrical. Parts of it are good, parts of it are great, parts of it are blah. Nigel says she's very pretty but when she scrunches up her face she looks like a Cabbage Patch doll. He says there wasn't enough there for him. Mary agrees, and Tyce does too. He doesn't think there's enough there for choreography. Mary does, however, so it's up to Nigel. "I'm sorry," he says, before finishing that with "... to disagree with Tyce." She's through to choreography.

After the choreography round, Geo earns a ticket, as does Talia. They're among thirty-two dancers from Florida going to Vegas, and that's it for Miami. We see Nigel tell Tyce not to be so mean to the dancers. Nice of him to say that after they're done.

So wait -- not one Sonny Crockett reference? This is bullshit!

On to Memphis now, the birthplace of rock and roll. Well, white rock and roll, anyway. Mary and Nigel are joined by Lil' C, who, you all might remember, caused Mary to believe in the power of krump.

Say hi to Marico Flake, 24, one of Memphis's finest. He's an actual police officer, who dances a style he calls "Memphis jukin'," which is based on a rhythmic bounce like Elvis had, with some steps. Smooth moves. Marico's actually part of a special unit on the police force that they use for the entertainment district -- officers with great people skills to deal with people who are just out looking for a good time.

So he takes the stage, and he's so good. On the beat. Very tight, and personable. At one point he mimics Elvis' scandalous hip-shake. Nigel's learned a little bit about his Memphis jukin', what with it being around for twenty years underground. Lil' C's impressed. They all love him, so I don't know what the point is of them trying to con Marico but sadly informing him (after lavishing praise on him) that it's a no for choreography. So, says I in my Big Moose voice, "Duh -- so you're sending him home?" Hilariously, Nigel says when someone is this good, in any genre, the debate is whether they go to choreography or not. No, usually when someone is this good in any other genre, they go straight through to Vegas. When someone is this good in hip-hop, the judges usually want to see if they can do anything else, and it's on to choreography. But maybe that's starting to change? Because Marico's on to Vegas, baby. Cat makes the first "left the building" joke.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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