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Thus Spoke the Rayven, "Nevermore"

"The journey ends for one guy and one gull," Cat tells us as we get ready for the first live results show of the season. At first, it looks like the production crew wasn't quite ready, because there are people standing around and sweeping off the stage. There's an odd shot of the judges talking amongst themselves, Nigel laughing at god knows what. And then the dancers creep out of the audience, dyed-hair and Mohawked zombies in suits (men) and stylish rags (women). Nigel's empty chair spins around, and then the dancers are carrying a bound and gagged Nigel out on stage, to terrify him with hip-hop. As the song by Robyn bleeps and bloops to its conclusion, the dancers encircle Nigel. It's very tribal. They scatter as Cat comes off to the stage, and ignores everyone's pleas to leave the gag on. "Let's be kind to the dancers this year. They're evil!" he yells, and then waddles off the stage like he has to go to the bathroom and is desperately holding it in. ["It should be noted that Cat didn't bother untying him, which was sweet of her. Might have mussed her frilly dress. Oh, and Wade Robson choreographed it, so clearly he's got some unresolved issues with Nigel." -- Angel]

Cat brings the first three couples out on stage, and her microphone cuts out as she helps the dancers hit their marks on stage. Someone must have said "Macbeth" backstage!

Kherington and Twitch did Tyce Diorio's Broadway routine that may have set the roof on fire last night. Did America enjoy it? By which they mean was it at worst the fourth-most-disliked routine of the evening? Yes.

Chelsea and Thayne crackled through a cha-cha, and got on board the hot tamale train, but did the viewers? Looks like it'll be either them or Chelsie and Mark, of Mia Michaels' contemporary routine, who are in the bottom three. Or that's what both couples thought; Cat, however, tells them they're both safe. And there was much rejoicing, so much that Cat has to shush them after they've scuttled offstage.

When we come back from commercial, four more couples are already on stage.

Matt and Kourtni danced Mandy Moore's jazz to "Tainted Love," and they're in the bottom three. Cat asks Mary is she's surprised. Fortunately, Mary's also having microphone problems, so this is of course the first time she's not screaming at the top of her lungs. Mary's resigned to the reality, with such a strong group, that there will unavoidably be good dancers in the bottom three.

Susie and Marquis danced a smooth waltz that the judges (mostly) liked. Nigel was worried America wouldn't understand it, and America shows Nigel that it understands more than he thinks. Comfort and Chris danced jive, Comfort with a dislocated shoulder. Rayven and Jamie danced hip-hop for babies and old people, and the only judge approaching the nerve to say so was Dan. And America agreed, as it turns out, showing their dance intelligence again by putting them in the bottom three as well. Nigel talks about how tough it was to dance the first routine of the night, questions the dance's memorableness, saying the only thing he remembered was Rayven yanking down Jamie's pants, and wonders if perhaps that it, however much it was done in fun, offended people.

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