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Thus Spoke the Rayven, "Nevermore"

The judges come back, and they're going to do the girls first. Nigel announces that they're unanimous, and gives Kourtni some quick praise before announcing she's safe. As for Rayven, Nigel wonders why she was on demi-pointe tonight, because she has the ability to be on pointe. That's exactly what I thought! Well, no. Usually there's just a big thought bubble above my head, with either a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down in it. He was also disappointed in Jessica, because he felt her solo tonight wasn't very strong either. "We think you both sucked, but we have to pick one of you stay, and it's Jessica." That's a paraphrase, but not by much. Cat gives the microphone to Rayven, who is upbeat about the experience, saying she's only springing forward -- like clocks in March! -- and then we watch the go-home-already montage.

The judges were likewise unanimous on the men. Will steps forward so Nigel can say they were disappointed to see him in the bottom three, but happy to see him dance, because he's sensational. Nigel advises him to slow down a little bit and be more aware of his audience. ["They also gush about how he'll be in the final four, and the overpraising is pretty much dooming him to have to dance for his life each and every week until that point, but at least the judges will get to see him solo dance more. And isn't making Nigel happy what this show is all about?" -- Angel]

So it's Jamie and Matt, and Nigel praises Jamie's personality and Matt's technique, saying it'd be great if the two of them could be fused. As Nigel talks about how hard it will be for Matt to find a personality, it sounds like Jamie's staying. But Nigel says "tonight, and only tonight" they're going for technique over personality, and Jamie's going home. He fights back tears as he talks about how happy he is just to have been a part of the show this far. Poor kid. But at least he got pantsed on national television! They can never take that away from you, Matt.

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