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The five remaining dancers are back on the stage, Russell on a stool. Once again, there's no whittling down to smaller subgroups. Just: "The fifth-place dancer is... Ashleigh." Wow! Did not expect that. Guess all that fervent support last week exhausted the DiLellos' fans? I was expecting Ellenore to go there, though I'm thrilled she's still alive. Ashleigh's video journey showcases all those amazing routines with Jakob, though weirdly nothing from the hip-hop routine that was my favorite. And then we get cryin' Ryan begging for her votes and I'm happy again that she's eliminated.

Commercials, then Adam gets to pick another encore routine. And it's Ellenore and Legacy! Yay! Adam makes yet another plea for Travis Wall to get an Emmy for this. Tacky? Sure, but I love everybody involved too much to care. If you don't recall, this is the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" routine with the table and all the dance-fighting and Legacy taking that giant tumbling leap. Amazing.

Next to request a dance is Debbie Allen! I have missed you, Debbie! However, in a sad bit if poetic injustice, Debbie long-awaited moment this season is asking to see Noelle and Russell perform their African jazz routine. Obviously, Russell's too injured to dance, so instead, we're seeing the video of the original performance. Fine by me at home, but too bad for that live audience. The routine, as you recall, is wild and expressive and fun. And a definite high point for Russell.

After the dance, the remaining four -- Jakob, Kathryn, Ellenore, and Russell -- are on the stage. Still no whittling! This is kind of exhilarating. They should seriously do it this way more often. "The dancer in fourth place is... Ellenore." Yeah. I loved her immensely, but she was always juuust shy of being a total fan favorite. Standing O for Ellenore, and Cat calls her "one of the most original, wonderful characters we've ever had on the show." Can't argue with one bit of that.

Lil' C gets another selection, after the break. And it's time for the Lil' C Quote of the Night: "This particular routine... is beyond dynamic, beyond powerful, and beyond emotional. The choreographer wanted them to dance through every portal of their being. They had to be more than dancers, more than performers, more than rhythmical actors. They had to just wring themselves dry." That was incredibly eloquent and precise, C. Now how 'bout some delightful nonsense? ""I wanna refer to it as 'an orgy of majestic contemporary artistry.'" THERE we go! Oh, it's the four-person contempo from Week 1, with Arianna, Channing, Jakob, and Nathan. A.K.A. the moment I fell for Jakob. You know, given how the season went, I forgot how amazing Nathan was in this. And Arianna! I'd have really liked to see her get a second week. I'm so glad we got to see that again.

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