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Only two more routines left! Mary gets to choose one. From just last night, it's Kathryn and Russell's hip-hop. Once again, Russell's leg is somewhere backstage in a cooler of ice, so we get the video from last night. The more I see this routine, the more I like it. I think the overt biting of the Lauren/Pasha "Transformers" concept from Season 3 put it in a bad light for me, initially, but it's very impressive. Especially those cartwheels from Russell.

After the break, it's Mary J. Blige performing her new song, "I Am." I guess this Mariah trend of bedazzled mics is catching on, because here's Mary with her gold-studded mic. I love Mary, but this is the third music performance that is not the least bit dancey, despite the presence of dancing mannequins on either side of her. If they're dancers we're supposed to recognize, I don't.

One last encore performance, and Nigel chooses the Wade Robson group number from the first performance episode. This is another video clip, on account of poor Russell. This is the routine with the shootout at the '20s jazz club or whatever. I remember thinking back then, and I do now, how much Ellenore looks like she fits that style. She, Nathan, Jakob, and Legacy were the early standouts this season, and Wade's routine was a big reason why. Oh man, I could watch this routine all day. And I may. Watch out, Thursday productivity.

Back with the Top 3 -- Russell, Kathryn, and Jakob -- for one more elimination. Okay, now I'm nervous. Here's where I predicted Jakob gets eliminated. Do not want. "The dancer in third place is... Kathryn." Aw, girl. Her video journey is a reminder of how far she came from that weird girl who kept crying into the high octaves. And how quickly that change happened -- Week 1, with that caveman hip-hop routine, I was sold. Remember, guys. Remember how Kathryn and Legacy were In Love For Real. Remember that insane disco with Ryan and the killer Broadway with Nathan (she seriously partnered every guy in the Top 10 brilliantly) and how she was asked to reprise two of her three dances from last night. Mary had it right -- she was peaking. Back live, Kathryn pre-apologizes for her voice going high as she cries about her wonderful experience. Love her. Also, Adam doesn't say anything, but he mentioned on his Twitter (yes, I do) that he'd be offering the top guy and the top girl slots to dance at the Oscars this year. So, you know, keep your eyes peeled during the Alec Baldwin/Meryl Streep samba representing Best Sound Design.

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