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We're in Las Vegas! Which I think is weird, because it would make more sense to go to some kind of famous Dancing Mecca, but a lot of the contestants are actually coming here from either New York or Los Angeles, both of which seem like bigger dance cities. The theme song for the evening will be Queen's "Keep Yourself Alive," which is refreshingly direct. Although I feel like very few dancers are actually going to be killed.

We start with 160 enthusiastic young people flailing around on stage. And six judges, judging their every move. They are: Robin Antin (Pussycat Dolls lady) Adam Shankman (On crutches), Debbie Allen (Apparently with no protégés in the crowd this year), Tyce DiOrio (I have taken no vow of neutrality regarding him), Mary Murphy (With a terrifying smile), and Nigel Lythgoe (Who does seem to enjoy being here, which is nice). There will be five rounds: Hip Hop, Broadway, Ballroom, Group Round, and Contemporary. That seems reasonable. But we start with solos and random spotlights.

Iveta Lukosiute is a ballroom dancer who's been to Vegas twice before. She's got a Stripper Cop outfit and claims that she's here to arrest Nigel. Her number is to "When You're Good to Mama" from Chicago, and I find it embarrassingly bad. It's all grinds and kicks and the show likes it much more than I do. Then we see Marlon Pelayo in a hand-painted unitard, and I'm starting to get worried that we waited until Vegas for the not-very-good dances in weird outfits.

Then, more people dance. Tyce is vocally appreciative. The judges apparently consider groups of fifteen at a time. About half the group, including Marlon are called to the stage. Debbie tells Marlon the outfit is distracting. He tries to defend himself, but all seven of them are cut. He claims that he was wearing this outfit to show bravery. It's not brave if there's no risk. Iveta's still in, though.

Nigel cuts some more people, most of whom are sad about it. Wadi Joones claims he's got a new kind of flip. And he's also a freerunner, which doesn't seem that useful on a flat stage. He links his poses together really well, and does a couple of flips are that are, indeed, nice. Clips of other dancers flit by, including that cute girl with the pixie cut. Look, I'm a busy man; I'll learn names when there's a Top 20, okay?

The Mallory sisters (Sasha and Natalia) from Los Angeles are the last two. They seem excited to be here, but it's possible that it's mostly because they get to share a room with each other instead of strangers. They're both quite good, although Sasha (the skinnier one) is slightly more athletic. Neither of them get cut. End of solos! We're down to 114.

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