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Natalia Mallory is paired with Josh Williams. She explains that the lifts will be a bit challenging because "I'm not ideally small." Sasha interviews that Natalia kind of needs a big dude to pick her up. It's not just her weight; she's actually taller than her partner. During the dance, we see Sasha staring intently. At one point, she starts to clap, then stops, and it's just adorable. The lifts do not, in fact, go that great. Josh and Natalia are called down for their reviews, and Sasha tells some people backstage to STFU so she can hear. Nigel says he's going to split Natalia and Josh up and try them again with new partners. Natalia will get someone who's stronger, and Josh will get someone lighter. Sasha is fairly relieved.

Sasha is up next, and she's great. Ryan Ramirez is up there too, I guess. Nigel complains about Sasha's knees being too far apart, but she's still through. And then Debbie puts everyone else through. There's a quick montage of relieved women taking their dancing shoes off. Pixie-cut is still here!

Natalia is now paired with Bryce "Professor Lock" Johnson. He's taller than her, which is a good sign. Frankly, I'm not that into the Jive. It's a lot of kicks and whistles to me. But I guess they get through it. Sasha is standing up on her chair and cheering, and Nigel praises Natalia's joy. She's through.

Last ballroom group! Alexis "Sister of Jeanine" Mason. Tyce thinks there's no flair, which I think might be fatigue. When he delivers her critique, he says there's a concern about her maturity and that her next goal is to "get us to become Yesses across the board." She will be dancing... for her LIFE! Before she does, Tyce says his usual thing about how "She needs to really bring this. Big time." He's talking to the other judges, not Alexis, so I guess he really does just talk like that a lot. Her dance is very contempo. She needs three judges to say yes. Nigel doesn't like her slightly closed eyes and immaturity: No. Mary agrees, but thinks her dancing was amazing: Yes. Tyce is conflicted: Yes. Debbie elaborates on a "diamond in the rough" analogy: Yes. So not only is Alexis through to the next day, we don't have to hear Pussycat Dolls Lady say anything!

The dancers are called up to the stage. Nigel says they have 39 guys and 35 girls, and even though it's 10:00 PM, it's time for the Group Round which traditionally makes them all stay up all night. They will be judged on creativity and inventiveness, and Nigel begs them to make it entertaining. I don't think that's an official Judging Criterion; he's just dreading a boring round.

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