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Pool scene! Everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

End of pool scene! Everyone gets back in there for the Contemporary round. There are 67 of them. Travis Wall is assisted by Jamie Goodwin and Robert Roldan. Travis says the routine's really hard, but the dancers who should be here will be able to do it. Ryan Ramirez has to stop and put an icepack on her lower back. Her tailbone might be broken and she can't stand. She also can't speak without crying, but that's not because of the pain. Nigel sends her to the hospital, but she doesn't want to miss the round. Off goes the ambulance.

Natalia's been dizzy all day from low blood sugar, and the medic also sends her off in an ambulance. Sasha is on stage when she finds out. She's asked if she wants to go see her sister, and she has a second where she's clearly weighing the choices of staying on stage for rehearsal or checking on Natalia, and then she chooses Natalia. She watches Natalia being loaded into the ambulance while an unsympathetic security guard says that Sasha needs to come back inside. She tells Cat that she wanted to go with her, but that Natalia told her to "get the heck back in there." And she refuses to admit that Natalia might have used stronger language than "heck."

Sasha's in the first group, paired with Professor Lock. She says she has to focus. She seems really, really good to me. She and the Professor have a good connection going. I love her. After the performance, Nigel asks how Natalia is, and Sasha says that she's got an IV. Nigel says she can't go to the hospital because she's through to the next round. Hooray! The Prof is also through. Sure. He seems nice. Robert Taylor, Jr. Wadi Jones; and Li'l O are all through. Mary complains about one guy's ugly outfit.

Ryan Ramirez returns to report that she has a lot of deep-tissue bruising in her coccyx, so she can dance. Although she doesn't know the moves, so Robert and Jamie give her a run-through in the lobby. She gets Robert as her partner, which has got to help. She certainly doesn't appear to be watching him for the moves, so I guess she learns moves quickly. That's a good trait in a dancer, right? Debbie praises her passion and determination. Also her pure love of dance. She's through! She does the traditional jump for joy, and immediately regrets it. Also in her gropu, Adam calls one dancer on trying to shake tears out of his face. Just go ahead and cry, dude. The camera loves that sort of thing.

Last group. Jeremiah Hughes is in this, as is Ariel-from-LA. Oh, and DC Chapman. Not only is he the krumper from Natalia's group, he's the one who showed Nigel how to do that "takin' off your pants" move. He's not great at these moves. Jeremiah takes his partner down to the floor at the end, which startles Nigel. It looked good, though! Ariel's out, and Debbie asks if she's stunned. She is. She looks like she can't believe it. Jeremiah is through, and he also has trouble believing it. DC is not through. Tyce lets him down pretty gently, but DC feels that he can't go home. DC begs to dance for his life because he doesn't want to go home. Debbie tells him that he is a success, and he needs to make a plan for how to get what he wants. "Don't go out of here as if this is defeat. This is not defeat!" Sounds like she's adopted him. Which is awesome. What little dancer wouldn't want to get adopted by Debbie Allen?

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