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Oh, lordy. As "Mad World" plays, a sad parade of dancers leaves. Not only is China out, she gets cut by Pussycat Dolls Lady. Ouch!

Final day! We're down to 55 dancers, and everyone gets a solo. Broadway kid is still up there. But first, we have to deal with Natalia, who missed the whole contemporary round. At the hospital they decided she has diabetes. And she kicks off the solo round. She's using the whole stage and generally dancing her ass off. I think she's trying to convey a joy of dance, because Debbie Allen loves that stuff. No feedback, though.

Dancing. Dancing. Although there's officially no feedback, they don't seem shy about applauding the ones they like. Clarice Ordaz gets the featured solo, and everyone enjoys it very much.

Some people don't make it. Nigel makes Natalia tell them why she should make it, and she wisely turns it into a story about how she was always the big girl and didn't let it get her down. And she didn't know if she was good enough to be here, and now she's an inspirational story, and she's crying, and Mary's crying, and it's a really good speech. She makes a compelling case!

Seven dancers, including both Mallory sisters, are through and get to go up to a lavish suite. That nearly naked guy who looks like Sub-Mariner does not get through. Cat claims that Season 8 could be "the strongest ever." It's always the strongest season ever! Hey, I think Pixie-Cut made it! The people who are through congregate in the suite. It's Iveta!

Alexis Mason does her solo. It's a stompy solo with an angry face. She is attempting to get through on intenseness. Which I like, because it's better than that Competition Smile a lot of them have. Nigel says she should come back in a year or two. She's entirely reasonable about the whole thing, because she's only 18 and has plenty of time to improve.

So we've got some number of dancers. If Cat mentioned it, I missed it. But they have to get cut down to twenty. And that will happen...tomorrow! I will tell you right now that I'm rooting for Sasha Mallory and Pixie-Cut. And Professor Lock, if he's still around.

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