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Dance with the Style That Brung Ya

The dance is set to k.d. lang's "Crying," which makes for a hell of a start. You know, without much of a story, it is REALLY hard to describe a contemporary routine. They're all dressed like Tinkerbell, and there's a chair on the stage that ends up getting knocked over by Jakob going apeshit. True to Tyce's explanation, this is four dancers left to their own intense emotions, occasionally thrashing into each other and away again, ultimately grasping onto each other and trudging across the stage all mopey-like. Okay, it's impossible to describe a routine like this without sounding like I'm making fun, but honestly, it was pretty strong. Nathan and Jakob definitely stole the show, as their limbs seemed to go on for days, but I'm incredibly interested in the way Arianna moves, as if on pure spontaneous instinct, and I can't wait to see what else she gets up to. Channing, I remain underwhelmed. Mary doesn't see any weaknesses in any of them, including saying Channing successfully got more elegant, which... I guess? I was too busy watching the other dancers. So Mary just squeals and squeals and squeals. It seems like they're most impressed with Jakob, seeing as Nigel can't help but chime in and rave about how he was flying across that stage. Can't say as I disagree.

Back from the break, we get the exquisite joy of hearing Cat say the term "in earnest," before we cut to The Tappers. Bianca, who finally broke through the glass ceiling; Peter, who seems like the underdog's underdog; and Phillip, who came out of nowhere last week to snatch the Seems Like an Ass, Right? trophy right out of Legacy's arms. In the interviews, Peter tries to coin the phrase "audioally," which is cute and will serve him well when it comes time to interact with Lil' C. Derick K. Grant is the tap choreographer they've debuted for this routine, and they're dancing to some Ella Fitzgerald. And they're great, of course. But for all the exhilarating spontaneity that Bianca and Ryan brought in that tap battle in auditions, this choreographed tap can't help but feel stagey (also, smiley dancing is a problem for me, and was a big reason why I turned on Evan last season... before he gave me many more reasons to turn on him). Peter's featured moments are the most impressive (at one point, he goes up on his toes), but Bianca is the only one who feels like she's about to take this shit right to you, in your living room, up in your face.

Nigel loves that they're welcoming a new style and new choreographer to the show. He gives the tapper their props before laying before them their challenge this season. Since it's not really possible to teach tap to non-tappers within a week, they'll spend the competition learning other styles while not being able to perform their own. In other words, don't look for "tap" to get picked out of that hat full o' styles. Peter says they're up for the challenge, and Nigel says that's why they were picked.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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