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Dance with the Style That Brung Ya

Jazz is the next style, which teams up Mollee (the annoying girly pixie), Pauline (giant bulging ankle), and Ellenore. And they draw SONYA as a choreographer. SONYA is kind of hit or miss, with me, but I appreciate her dedication to weirdness. If the rehearsals, and SONYA's interview clips are any indication, the whole concept here is: girls are sexy. And "sexy" seems to equate to hair-whips. Diem! Diem in the PM! They're playing your song!

They're also playing the song "On a Cloud" by PPP, as the girls spring to life in their ruffly, tulle-y, baby-doll dresses that make them look like a trio of Christmas bells. So... sexy? It's a very flitty, hummingbirdy dance, and I think I ended up liking Mollee the best. They end the routine with some pretty overt jazz-hands, and Adam (who gets his first chance to speak at the 44-minute mark -- is this hazing the rookie or what?) notes that that hand motion denotes applause in sign language, which he finds apropos. He compliments how they made tutus and jazz hands "sexy." And he tells Mollee -- who you'll remember was criticized for dancing too much like a little girl -- that she "just graduated from High School Musical." Oooh, take that, Hudgens!

The second group of contemporaries: Billy Bell, Victor Smalley, Noelle Marsh, and Kathryn McCormick. Victor is the one whose Mohawk was so offensive to the judges that they made him cut it off, Noelle was Mollee's BFF in Vegas, Kathryn was the one who's voice kept getting higher when she cried, which was always. And Billy Bell ... well, in the time between when this episode taped and right the hell now, Billy went and injured himself and had to drop out. I KNOW! Can we as a dance-watching community take any more loss? Be safe, wherever you are in this world, LaurieAnn Gibson! Anyway, so Billy was my absolute favorite and now he's gone and we won't hear about any of this until tomorrow so try to act surprised.

Their choreographer is Mandy Moore, who is capable of greatness but just as often delivers goodness. Noelle manages to bust a toenail which squicks Mandy out as much as it does me. On stage, the style and music kind of immediately diverge, with the dancers dressed up like Khaki Swing goes on a picnic, while "Viva La Vida" plays. Okay, Mandy Moore, I'm listening. The routine plays like two pairs routines, with the partners occasionally switching (though not often). The boys are, once again, the standouts, which does seem to be the case overall this season. Though Noelle is showing me something, I have to admit. She and Victor already appear to have good chemistry. Adam complements Mandy's "relentless" choreography, and he's right -- there wasn't much time to rest and reach out longingly. Just nonstop motion. He also helps differentiate contemporary from jazz for the underinformed (i.e., me) -- jazz is more putting on a character externally, while contemporary is all about bringing out something from within. I'll buy that. Anyway, he thinks they were all perfection, so I guess we should all pack it up until next summer. Except Billy will have to do that for real. Sad!

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